Kelly & Michael: Geraldo Rivera Running for Senate Seat in New Jersey


Kelly & Michael: Geraldo Rivera’s First Job In Journalism

Geraldo Rivera said he always wears his Nike dress shoes in case he has to run to a story. He started his career at WABC-TV in the same building as Live with Kelly & Michael. He said his hair has always been a part of his act. Kelly Ripa called him an ex-Bee Gee with his trademark fluffy locks.

Rivera said that Michael Strahan was a spitting image of Regis Philbin. He pointed out how funny it is that Regis is going into sports journalism as Strahan is coming into talk shows.


Kelly & Michael: Geraldo Rivera Running for Senate Seat in New Jersey

Geraldo Rivera is considering a run for senate in New Jersey as a Republican. He told Kelly and Michael that he wants to make a bigger difference. (image credit: Rena Schild,

Geraldo Rivera: Boston Marathon Bombing Breaking News

Rivera was on air the moment that the Boston Marathon bombing suspect was arrested. He was talking with Bill O’Reilly and he could hear the mayhem unfolding on the police scanners. They were closing in on the suspect, bullets were firing. He wanted to report the news and felt full of joy and relief. He had to blend the news with his feelings and gratitude for the police and investigators.

Geraldo Rivera: Running For Political Office In New Jersey

Geraldo Rivera is seriously considering running for the United States Senate seat as a Republican in New Jersey. He thinks that he can complain on the outside in journalism, but he wants to be able to do something on the inside. He hopes to bring family issues, immigration and abortion topics to the forefront.


Michael Strahan wondered if he was worried about the media and them uncovering skeletons in his closet. Rivera said he has so many skeletons that he calls them old friends now. He has many, many exes and a large age range in children. He isn’t afraid of being picked apart in the press.

Geraldo Rivera: Radio Reporting vs Television Reporting

Geraldo Rivera said that radio is a much more personal experience. You are intimate with the listeners and the microphone. It’s a spontaneous and unscripted experience with callers.

He prides himself on being a pretty transparent man. He is a well-known person and hopes to make a difference.


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