Kelly & Michael: Finola Hughes’ Scar & Directing Community Film Studio


Kelly Ripa & Finola Hughes Big Teeth Contest

One of Kelly Ripa’s best friends, Finola Hughes, stopped by for a fun chat. She ran out with so much energy and didn’t look like she wanted to sit down. Finola and Kelly have been besties since their days on soap operas. 

Kelly said she and Finola always have a big teeth contest. They once measure their teeth with retractable pencils and found out that Kelly has the bigger teeth. The things you do with your girlfriends when you’re bored. Is that weird?


Kelly & Michael: Finola Hughes' Scar & Directing Community Film Studio

Finola Hughes started out on General Hospital with a strange hair style. She was really hiding her character’s strange scar. GH celebrates 50 years in 2013. (s_bukley /

General Hospital Celebrates 50 Years: Finola Hughes’ Scar

Finola and Kelly remembered their first days on soap operas. Finola said that she started out on General Hospital and they swept her hair across one eye in a mysterious way.

She remembered wearing it like that for several weeks and then being called down to the producers office, a place you never want to go, she said. The producer made her watch a black and white film called A Woman’s Face, where the main character had a large scar on her face. They told Finola that she would be getting a large scar in makeup the next day.


Finola Hughes Directs Community Film Studio of Santa Barbara

Another project dear to Finola’s heart: the Community Film Studio of Santa Barbara. She put out ads on Craigslist and other venues for free actors and production crew workers. She got a lot of teens and high school students that just wanted to act and learn the craft.

The Community Film Studio is a model that Finola would like to take across the country. It’s a lot like a community theater where students can come and learn. She said she adored directing and bossing people around, but she had to be nice to make sure they all came back the next day. They were doing it all for free after all.


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