Kelly & Michael: Emma Stone “The Croods” & “Amazing Spiderman 2”


Emma Stone: Roland Mouret Dress

The Croods star and Hollywood fashionista Emma Stone joined Kelly and Michael for an interview about her new film. But first, Kelly had to know who Emma was wearing. Her floral dress was by Roland Mouret and her shoes were Christian Louboutin. “I have to give it all back after this,” Emma unfortunately admitted.

Emma Stone Grew Up On a Golf Course

Kelly & Michael: Emma Stone "The Croods" & "Amazing Spiderman 2"

Emma Stone discussed her new film The Croods and The Amazing Spiderman 2 with Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /


It was Emma’s first time meeting Michael Strahan, although they do have something in common – sort of. Michael loves to golf, and Emma grew up on a golf course. Emma said that everyone in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona lives near a golf course. Her backyard wasn’t just filled with golf balls, but also scorpions, prairie dogs and rattlesnakes.

Emma Stone: Vanity Fair Cover With Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck

Why is Emma currently the envy of every woman in America? Because she recently found herself in bed with both Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck! Of course, it was all for a Vanity Fair magazine cover, and Emma revealed that it’s not as romantic as it sounds. Bradley and Ben were in full bear and gorilla costumes for the shoot.

Emma Stone: Filming The Amazing Spiderman 2

Emma is currently sporting blonde hair because she’s reprising her role as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spiderman 2. The movie is filming in New York City, and according to Emma, shooting has been like a “mob scene” with crowds of people watching. Emma is only a couple of days into filming, so fans will have to wait some time until the movie hits theaters.


Emma Stone: Cave Girl Eep In The Croods

Kelly & Michael then checked out a clip of Emma in the new animated adventure The Croods. To play a young cave girl, Eep, Emma had to do a lot of screaming. It doesn’t sound that difficult, but for someone like Emma with a very deep voice, it was!

Emma found it “pretty easy” to relate to her cave girl character. Eep’s love interest, Guy, is played by Ryan Reynolds, whom Emma knew from filming the movie Paperman. However, she didn’t get to interact with any of the rest of the cast. She just recently met Nicolas Cage, who plays her father, two weeks ago. She said that he was very nice and “super Nicolas Cage-y.”

See Emma Stone in The Croods in theaters on March 22 2013.


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