Kelly & Michael: Emily VanCamp “Revenge” Season Two


Emily VanCamp: Ontario, Canada Native

Emily VanCamp joined Kelly & Michael and discussed her upbringing in Canada. Emily is from a very small town in Ontario, and she is the third of four daughters. Emily goes home to visit as often as she can, but not as often as she’d like. With four lovely girls in her family, Kelly said, “I’m just trying to figure out your father’s frame of mind!”

Kelly & Michael: Emily VanCamp "Revenge" Season Two

Emily VanCamp joined Kelly & Michael to discuss the new season of her hit show “Revenge.” (s_bukley /


Emily said that her little sister is studying science, and one of her older sisters is a writer, so each girl does her own thing.

Emily VanCamp: 2012 Emmy Awards

Emily attended the 2012 Emmy Awards, and it was her first appearance at the prestigious awards show. Emily looked beautiful on the red carpet, but she was very nervous to be a presenter. She was glad that her dress covered her legs so no one could see her “knobbly knees.”

When she walked out on stage, the first people that caught her eye from the audience were Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen– so no pressure! However, Emily had so much fun at the show and would love to go again.


Emily VanCamp: “Revenge” Season Two

Emily’s hit show on ABC is called Revengeand she stars as a scorned young woman intent on ruining the people who killed her father. The show takes place in the swanky high society of the Hamptons, and also stars Madeleine Stowe and Josh Bowman.

This season, fans have guest star Jennifer Jason Leigh to look forward to. Jennifer plays Emily’s mom, and she adds a great new dynamic to the show. Her character has just been released from a mental institution, so as Emily said, “a lot of crazy stuff” happens. It should be very exciting to watch!

For more of Emily VanCamp, don’t miss the season two premiere of Revenge on ABC Sunday, September 30 2012.


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