Kelly & Michael: Donald Trump ‘Celebrity Apprentice’


Kelly & Michael: Donald Trump

Donald Trump came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his show Celebrity Apprentice. He’s one of the most successful businessmen in the world. He had a great entrance. People were really into him coming.

Kelly & Michael: Donald Trump Snow Day

Trump talked about what a great time it is for everyone. Michael’s been everywhere lately. What did Trump do for his snow day? It was so overblown and there really wasn’t that much snow. We’ve all heard this before. He said it was an overreaction, so he went to the office and he worked. He’s building a big hotel in Washington on Pennsylvania Avenue and yelled at some contractors. He’s also finishing something in Miami.


Kelly & Michael Donald Trump, Donald Trump Golf, Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump DeflateGate

Donald Trump talked to Kelly & Michael about ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and DeflateGate. (lev radin /

Kelly & Michael: Donald Trump Golf

Trump and Michael both love golf. Trump’s a three and Michael joked he was a one. Michael plays at his course and loves it. They’re having the Women’s US Open next year.

Club championships mean a lot. If you can beat 400 or 500 people, you’re a winner. But do they let him win at his own course? It’s all about being able to handle the pressure. Trump said you had to be good under pressure instead of acting like Mitt Romney. It was hilarious. I was hoping he’d talk about running for president. Kelly was a little taken aback.


Kelly & Michael: Donald Trump ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Trump’s having a great season on Celebrity Apprentice. They have a lot of mean celebrities. Trump said it was the worst group of people and they’re having the meanest episode they ever shot coming up. He had no idea it was going to turn out like this. He’s always wanted Pete Rose. Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, but he said he didn’t want to be fired.

People are scared of him. His kids are on the show and they’re very impressive. He’s a very strict father and told them no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. He used to say no tattoos, but now everyone has them, so he doesn’t care anymore. He should tattoo them with the word Trump when they’re born.

In the clip of Celebrity Apprentice, Trump talked about what a tough team they had before he fired someone. Kate had a hard time with the team and couldn’t keep up with the team. He thinks the best episode ever is coming up.

Joan Rivers was also on the episode last week. It was done just before her death. The doctors were a disgrace. She won her season of Celebrity Apprentice at age 76. She had so much energy. He brought her back twice and she will be coming back in another week. Trump had said she’d be around forever, but then she died. Celebrity Apprentice airs on Mondays on NBC.

Kelly & Michael: Donald Trump DeflateGate

Kelly always asks what Trump would say whenever something comes up in the news, so she asked about DeflateGate. He likes Tom Brady and the Patriots, so he always sides with them. He actually played better with the hard ball. He’s excited for the Super Bowl. He wants people to leave them alone.


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