Kelly & Michael: Don Cheadle Using Bathroom in Iron Man Suit & Stunts


Kelly & Michael: Don Cheadle’s Nude Scenes In House of Lies

The amazingly talented Don Cheadle is a friend to Live! with Kelly & Michael. He recently won a Golden Globe for House of Lies, returning in August. Michael Strahan said it’s one of his favorite shows, but Cheadle is naked almost every show.

Don Cheadle said that his kids don’t watch the show, but he may have to have a talk with their friends. He said he is learning some ways to stay in shape for the nude scenes.


Kelly & Michael: Don Cheadle Using Bathroom in Iron Man Suit & Stunts

Don Cheadle said he has to use the bathroom in the Iron Man Suit and it’s like being a turtle when he puts it on. He does some of his stunts in Iron Man 3. (image credit: s_bukley,

Don Cheadle: Kathy Davis High School Teacher & Barbara Althouse Introduced To Acting

Next week on Live! is Top Teacher week. Don Cheadle said that his elementary school teacher, Barbara Althouse, got him into the arts and acting. He was inspired to continue. Kathy Davis was his high school teacher that introduced him to other forms of drama. He still stays in contact with her.

Kelly said it’s amazing how much teachers affect our lives and they stick with us. Don Cheadle’s sister and mother are both teachers and he said it’s great that Kelly and Michael are paying tribute to everything that teachers do.


Don Cheadle: Inside the War Machine & Iron Patriot Suit In Iron Man 3

Kelly said that Iron Man 3 will be the biggest film of the summer.

Iron Patriot is the new name for War Machine, Don Cheadle’s Iron Man suit. A focus group thought the name was a better fit. He said the suit makes you feel like a turtle. It’s big, heavy and you can’t move your arms very easily. When you have an itch you have to just meditate and know that it’s not getting itched. Cheadle said that he has to take some anti-anxiety meds when he gets into the suit because it is so constricting.

How Does Iron Man Use the Bathroom?

Don Cheadle joked that he will go to the bathroom in the suit because he’s not the one that has to clean it. Michael Strahan asked if he wears a diaper when he goes into the Iron Patriot suit.

“It depends,” Cheadle said. He got a standing ovation from the crowd for that smooth pun.

Don Cheadle: Stunt Work In Iron Man 3

A lot of the stunts in these superhero movies are intense and potentially fatal. Cheadle said that his policy is to let someone else handle the killer stunts. He did get to do the wire work. Cheadle wanted to be a stuntman before he got into lead acting.

In a clip from Iron Man 3, opening May 3 2013, Cheadle and Robert Downey Jr (Tony Stark) have to login to the War Machine/Iron Patriot suit. Cheadle gives Stark the login. WarMachine68 is the username and WARMACHINEROX is the password.

This Iron Man fan is now so pumped after this interview. Counting down the days until Iron Man 3 blasts into theaters. 


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