Kelly & Michael: Dolvett Quince Kick Start The New Year


Kelly & Michael: Dolvett Quince

Kelly & Michael: Dolvett Quince Kick Start The New Year

Dolvett Quince shared some exercises with Kelly & Michael for “Kick Start The New Year.” (Debby Wong /

Live! With Kelly & Michael started off its “Kick Start the New Year: Fitness Edition” with a visit from Dolvett Quince. Quince is known for being a trainer on The Biggest Loser and I was really excited to see what tips he had. I’m definitely looking for new ways to work out in 2015. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were also excited to see Quince. Michael actually knows Quice and talked during the host chat about how Quince is always trying to get Michael to work out on the beach with him, but Michael thinks that the beach should be for margaritas and relaxing. I agree with him. Kelly, on the other hand, said that working out in public motivates you to work as hard as you can because other people are watching and judging you, which is true too.


Kelly & Michael: New Year’s Resolutions

Kelly & Michael were all decked out in workout gear. Quince helps people lose weight and gain confidence on The Biggest Loser. He had a great entrance. Quince and Michael were competing to show off their muscles. Kelly encouraged it. Quince said that fitness New Year’s resolutions aren’t realistic. They shouldn’t do New Year’s resolutions, but should do New Day resolutions. They should have daily resolutions. A year is unattainable and you can give up.

Kelly & Michael: Dolvett Quince Resistance Band Workouts

Quince likes using body resistance training because you can take the resistance band anywhere you go. Put one foot on the band, stand tall, and lift for the first exercise.

Next, they did a bicep curl. Then the lifted the band up over their shoulders. Remember to isolate your core. Then step on with both feet and cross your hands. With straight arms, pull the band. Don’t rock your body though.


Kelly & Michael: Dolvett Quince Towel Workout

Next, they used a towel. Hold it out and squat. Hold the pose. Kelly said it was no problem because she had three kids. The secret is in the form. Hold it for a while. Quince joked around with the audience while they held it. Then stand up.

Next do a lunge twist. Combinations use more than one muscle group at a time. You go down on one knee, then twist. Then they alternated really fast. Michael didn’t want to, but then he did it.

Then they all lay on the ground and relaxed, but they had more to do. They did situps and held it with their towels. Then they put their towels under their legs. The Biggest Loser Bootcamp book is available now. They also have bonus workout.

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