Kelly & Michael: Diogo Morgado Son of God & New York City Life


Kelly and Michael: Diogo Morgado

Diogo Morgado is a native of Portugal, where he has starred in movies and telenovelas (soap operas) for years. But more recently, he has gotten international notice for his work in Son of God, which he talked about with Kelly & Michael.

Kelly & Michael: Diogo Morgado Sprinting

Kelly & Michael: Diogo Morgado Son of God & New York City Life

Diogo Morgado, who appears in the movie Son of God as Jesus Christ, talked about preparing for the momentous role and living around the world as an actor. (Helga Esteb /


Diogo said he is tall but not big like Michael. He was once a sprinter, and he loved competing. An injury sidelined his pursuit of athletics, but that opened a door to acting, which seems to have worked out well for him. As a teen, he was able to get in touch with his feelings after suffering that setback.

He splits his time between Portugal and Los Angeles these days, which can be disorienting, because he juggles three languages and various time zones. But he is happy to be sharing his work and talents with audiences.

Kelly and Michael: Diogo Morgado New York City Life

Kelly and Michael asked him about the four months he spent filming a project in New York City. He said that living in the city for an extended period is much different than visiting the city on vacation, and he fell in love with the rhythm of life of the city. However, he is not planning to settle down right now, because he’s following his packed work schedule.


Kelly & Michael: Diogo Morgado Son of God

Diogo Morgado can soon be seen on the big screen in Son of God, where he portrays Jesus. He approached it by doing research and actually getting to visit Jerusalem. He said that he was affected by seeing the faithful at the Weeping Wall.

It has been 50 years since there has been a feature film portrayal of the life of Jesus, and Diogo told Kelly and Michael that he hopes that he delivers for audiences. He said he also worried about how his mother would respond, but she said she got lost in the character.

The movie, edited from the 2013 History Channel miniseries The Bible, hits theaters on February 28 2014, which means it’s timed perfectly for Lenten and Easter audiences.



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