Kelly & Michael: Demi Lovato Heart Attack, X Factor 2013 & Demi Album


Live with Kelly & Michael: Demi Lovato

Multitalented young entertainer Demi Lovato’s new single, “Heart Attack,” debuted at #1 in 19 countries, and her appearance on Live! sent the audience of screaming tween girls into screaming tears.

Kelly and Michael: Demi Lovato X Factor

Kelly & Michael: Demi Lovato Heart Attack, X Factor 2013 & Demi Album

Kelly & Michael talked with returning guest Demi Lovato about embarking on a new season of The X Factor, her hit single “Heart Attack,” and new album Demi. (Featureflash /


Kelly Ripa credited Demi Lovato with inspiring a generation of young girls with her personal story. The audience was overwhelmed; shouldn’t these school-age students be in class?

Demi Lovato is returning to The X Factor in fall 2013, and Kelly wondered what she thinks her strengths are as a judge.

“I think I’ve lived a lot of life at a young age and I’ve seen the world from a different perspective,” she said. She got along better with adults growing up, and she said she feels comfortable on the judges’ panel.


Kelly & Michael: The X Factor Fall 2013

Lovato is not intimidated by fellow judge Simon Cowell, the only other confirmed returning judge. Kelly and Michael volunteered themselves as guest judges, agreeing to share a chair.

In reality, the rest of the judges are still such a secret that even Lovato said she doesn’t know who they are. The show will return to TV in fall 2013.

Live with Kelly & Michael: Demi Lovato New Album

Kelly praised Lovato for being great to her fans and taking pictures with them during commercial breaks, every time she has appeared on the show.

Her new album, Demi, will drop on May 14 2013, and Kelly Ripa noted that it tells a very personal story. She said there are plenty of upbeat tracks, as well as some emotional songs, “opening up about things that I haven’t really ever talked about.”

Kelly and Michael: Demi Lovato Anti-Bullying

Michael Strahan said he has worked on an anti-bullying campaign, and he knows that bullying has touched Demi Lovato’s life. She said she did write a song about bullying that may be released at some point, but it is not on the upcoming album.

Lovato said that having a voice or having power through celebrity is meaningless if you don’t use it for something positive. Kelly wondered what Lovato’s former bullies might think about her now.

What do you think about Lovato’s rise to success? Will you be checking out her new music?


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