Kelly & Michael: Colin Farrell Russian Baths & Animated Film ‘Epic’


Colin Farrell: Northern Ireland Vs. Ireland

Actor Colin Farrell stopped by Live! With Kelly & Michael to discuss his new animated film Epic. The Hollywood hunk received a very warm welcome from the audience, and as it turns out, he had traveled quite far in order to visit them. Colin had just returned from Northern Ireland, where he had spent two months shooting a film.

Colin said that Northern Ireland was very “wet and grey.” Culturally, it’s very different from Ireland, where Colin is from, because the North is a part of the U.K. There’s a very distinct accent, like there is in all areas of Ireland.


Colin Farrell: New York City Russian Baths

Kelly & Michael: Colin Farrell Russian Baths & Animated Film 'Epic'

Colin Farrell discussed the making of his new animated film “Epic” with Kelly & Michael. (Helga Esteb /

Michael was very curious about Colin’s love of Russian baths, so Colin was happy to explain. Colin has been visiting New York City’s Russian baths for six or seven years, where treatments involve a Russian man beating you with palms (according to Colin). Apparently, it hurts a lot, but also releases the tension in your body.

Colin first discovered this practice when he rented a New York apartment two doors down from the bath house. Now, it’s his first stop every time he visits New York. Michael was ready for a visit of his own!


Colin Farrell: Animated Film ‘Epic’

Colin has lent his voice to the new animated adventure Epic. The film also features the voices of Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Christoph Waltz, and Beyonce, among others. Colin said that he’s been getting asked questions about what it was like working with Beyonce, but he never actually met any of the other actors until after shooting.

Colin enjoyed the process of working on an animated film, which was “a very different experience” from making a live-action film. The process involved seven sessions over a time span of a  year-and-a-half, with about two years of animation. Colin was very impressed by the abilities of the animators to create his character, Ronin, and watching the film evolve over time.

See—or rather, hear—Colin Farrell in Epic, which opens in theaters on May 24, 2013.


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