Kelly & Michael: Colin Farrell as Peter Lake in Winter’s Tale + Fears


Kelly and Michael: Colin Farrell Swimming

Colin Farrell joined the hosts in their faux tropical paradise to talk about Winter’s Tale. He told Kelly & Michael that he likes the seasons, so he doesn’t mind winter all that much. He spoke about the touching story behind Winter’s Tale and his character, Peter Lake.

Kelly & Michael: Winter in Ireland

Winter in Ireland is cold and lasts three months, but it does not have quite as much snow. Kelly encouraged Colin to change into a bikini. The actor said he is not a good swimmer, and he once almost drowned when he was a kid.


Kelly & Michael: Colin Farrell as Peter Lake in Winter's Tale + Fears

Colin Farrell stars as orphan and thief Peter Lake in the film Winter’s Tale, which was adapted from a popular book into a movie romance spanning a century. (Helga Esteb /

Since then, he has ventured into the water by jumping off a boat, but he never wants to get too far out into the water, because he still cannot swim very well, he told the hosts.

Unlike his characters, Farrell has quite a list of fears, including flying, spiders, and failure. However, he is not afraid of snakes, unlike Michael Strahan. Colin said he once had a Kenyan sand boa as a pet during his childhood.


Kelly and Michael: Colin Farrell Winter’s Tale Script

Colin Farrell stars in Winter’s Tale, which Kelly called unique, praising his performance. The film takes place over many years, and Farrell plays a character who has quite the longevity. The script came from Akiva Goldsman, who adapted Mark Helprin’s book.

Goldsman channeled some of his own emotions and personal experience into the story, “about love transcending time,” and Colin said he loved the script because it was “completely without edge.”

Kelly & Michael: Colin Farrell as Peter Lake

Farrell’s character, Peter Lake, is an orphan and thief who clashes with some of the guys he works with. But before he can go on the lam, he falls in love. In a scene from the movie, the character Beverly offers Peter some tea after he has broken into her house. Rather than being annoyed by his presence, Beverly seems quite taken with him.

You can see Winter’s Tale for yourself in theaters beginning February 14 2014.


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