Kelly & Michael: Christoph Waltz House Renovations + ‘Big Eyes’


Kelly & Michael: Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his new movie Big Eyes, which looks amazing and Amy Adams already came by to talk about. He plays her husband, who takes credit for her art. He’s a two-time Academy Award winner.

Kelly & Michael: Christoph Waltz Awards

Waltz was just nominated for a Golden Globe. He talked about how you need corn milk for a bath because Michael asked if he was bathing in milk. He was in bed, but then he fell out when he found out about his nomination. He got a call telling him about it. He’s getting old, but finding out about that doesn’t get old. He also got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He said he was kneeling in front of his star. It was too much. It was in front of his favorite Los Angeles restaurant. There are two exits, so he takes the other one.


Kelly & Michael: Christoph Waltz 'Big Eyes'

Christoph Waltz came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about the movie ‘Big Eyes.’ (Helga Esteb /

Kelly & Michael: Christoph Waltz Renovations

Waltz is moving to LA. It’s not going well, though. He bought a house three years ago, and he’s still renovating. Everyone said it was a nightmare and it takes a long time, but it’s worse than they said. He’s close to giving up. Will he do this for the rest of his life? It’s beyond him. He just wants to move in.

Kelly & Michael: Christoph Waltz ‘Big Eyes’

Big Eyes is the story of Margaret Keane. Waltz removed himself from the facts, though it did happen. He was interested in their interdependent relationship. Director Tim Burton tells great stories that allow us to hook into the darkest sides of ourselves. It’s an engaging story told in a light, funny manner. It’s Waltz’s first time working with Burton, but he wants to work with him again. And it’s more than the typical Burton movie. They delved right into the heart of the matter.


He plays her husband, who takes the credit for her art. He met the artist in real life, and she’s really righteous and courageous. She painted him too. He painted his, Adams’, and Burton’s eyes. You can tell who someone is from their eye. He can hang it in his new house.

In the clip of Big Eyes, he said why he should keep taking credit for her work. He turned him into such a likeable character. Despicable people can be charismatic. They lure people in. Big Eyes will be in theaters on December 25 2014.


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