Kelly & Michael: Christine Baranski ‘Into the Woods’


Kelly & Michael: Christine Baranski

Christine Baranski came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about her new movie Into the Woods, which Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, and Emily Blunt all already came by to talk about. I am so excited to see this movie. Baranski plays Cinderella’s Stepmom in Into the Woods. She’s a Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress, and the best dressed lawyer ever. She loves hugging Michael.

Kelly & Michael: Christine Baranski Holidays

Kelly & Michael: Christine Baranski 'Into the Woods'

Christine Baranski came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about her inspiration for ‘Into the Woods.’ (lev radin /


Baranski’s spending her holidays in Rio. It’s the first Christmas she won’t be in the Northeast. She lost her husband in May and decided to do something different this year. She’s never been to Rio, but it’s a Catholic country. It’s going to be really fun.

Her husband was wonderful. But she also has her grandson Max. He just turned one and she took him to music class recently. She’s giving him musical instruments. She takes him to class once a week and they played Christmas Carols. She thinks music is really important for children. She buys him art supplies and educational toys. And they dance together all the time.

Kelly & Michael: Christine Baranski Fashion

Kelly said Christine’s hair has been her spirit animal. She looked amazing. “I’ll take that,” she said. “Okay.” She didn’t roll out of bed looking like that, though. She was actually going straight to the set of The Good Wife. She has some amazing looks. She calls herself “legal Barbie.” She gets to borrow the clothes sometimes. Her wardrobe is half a warehouse.


Kelly & Michael: Christine Baranski Buffalo Bills

Then they talked about football for a while. The Buffalo Bills fans are so dedicated. Baranski loves her hometown. She wants to sing at the Super Bowl where the Bills win.

Kelly & Michael: ‘Into the Woods’ Movie

In the clip of Into the Woods, they talked about how they all had to stick together. Baranski said she didn’t have it in her to battle giants, she was going to hide, and it will all work out. She plays Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother. “Somebody has to do it,” she said. She’s not in the movie a lot, but everybody knows that character. She did it going back and forth between The Good Wife and the movie set, and she had a lot of fun. It’s really special to be in a big movie musical. People are going to love it.

She modeled her character for a lot of different sources. Actresses are observers. She likes to check people’s medicine cabinets out. Kelly brought up about how Meryl Streep went to Gwyneth Paltrow’s house, but didn’t look around. People are fascinating.

Baranski said she saw her character everywhere. They’re in beauty salons, and reality shows. They’re obsessed with going out and getting dresses. Her hair’s out of control and she’s ambitious and trying to look like her daughters. It’s just like how we were obsessed with Prince William and Kate Middleton getting married. The idea of your daughter marrying a prince is huge.

They’re cruel because they don’t even notice Cinderella. They just laugh at her when she wants to go. It’s presumptuous. Kelly said she’d never seen it from that perspective. Women are getting operations on their feet to get shoes to fit. Baranski has a scene like that. Into the Woods will be in theaters on December 25 2014.


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