Kelly & Michael: Christian Slater Wedding & Mind Games Premiere


Kelly & Michael: Christian Slater

Christian Slater has been a star for many years, and he wore jeans for his interview, which seems like a signal of some kind. He was visiting Kelly & Michael to talk about his latest TV series, Mind Games.

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan showed a picture of Slater at age 8 in his first role in a traveling production of The Music Man, starring Dick Van Dyke. That’s quite a way to get started in show business.


Kelly and Michael: Christian Slater Wedding

Kelly & Michael: Christian Slater Wedding & Mind Games Premiere

Christian Slater, who was recently married, is now starring in the ABC series Mind Games, and he told Kelly & Michael about the manipulative characters. (Joe Seer /

The hosts also congratulated Slater on his recently courthouse wedding to Brittany Lopez. There was also a stunning shot of them in the show in their wedding attire at a bed and breakfast outside Chicago. The clerk talked the couple into getting married on the spot! Then they made a big deal of it on Christmas Day.

Kelly & Michael: Christian Slater Mind Games Review

Slater is in the series Mind Games, starring with Steve Zahn as his brother. Together, they use manipulative techniques to get results for clients. I like the concept, and Kelly wondered whether Slater thinks those talents are intrinsic to acting.


Christian Slater agreed that performance and being convincing are parts of acting, but he said the characters are sometimes sneaky in his new show.

The series filmed in Chicago, which meant that the cast and crew got to experience the worst of the Polar Vortex over the course of the winter. He has a dog named Fish, and he made sure to put booties on it to protect its paws from the salt during the extreme weather.

Kelly and Michael: Mind Games Premiere

In a scene from the show, Zahn’s character faces off with Slater about his mental and emotional triggers. The stakes seem high as the brothers are about to split up, and Slater said that he was thrilled to get to work with Zahn.

Creator Kyle Killen is a critical favorite (whose shows also tend to meet an early demise), and you can catch Mind Games beginning Tuesday, February 26 on ABC. The real mind game will be for a Christian Slater TV show to stay on the air, but maybe this will be his chance to succeed on the small screen.


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