Kelly & Michael: Cheryl Hines “Suburgatory” & “Curb Your Enthusiasm”


Cheryl Hines: Rob Reiner’s Assistant

Suburgatory star Cheryl Hines stopped by for a chat with Kelly and Michael. Previously, Cheryl was well-known for her role as Larry David’s wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Prior to that, she was a struggling actress and assistant to Rob Reiner.

“He is an amazing person,” Hines revealed to the hosts. Rob was always very paternal to Cheryl, and would always ask how she was doing. However, despite the fact that he and Larry David are close friends, he didn’t actually help her get the job on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Cheryl managed to nab that all on her own.


Kelly & Michael: Cheryl Hines "Suburgatory" & "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Kelly & Michael spoke with Suburgatory star Cheryl Hines about the possible return of Curb Your Enthusiasm. (s_bukley /

Cheryl Hines: Curb Your Enthusiasm Return?

Curb Your Enthusiasm hasn’t been on the air for a few years now, but it never officially had a series finale. Just when you think the show is over, Larry David announces a new season. So, will it ever come back? Cheryl said that our guess is as good as hers. Whenever she asks Larry David about it, he’ll respond, “Why are you asking me?”

Kelly said that Cheryl and Larry should consider dating in real life, because they make such a great onscreen couple. Of course, cameras should be there to capture the whole thing. A reality dating show starring Larry David?…That’s actually kind of genius.


Cheryl Hines: Groundlings Theater

Cheryl studied comedy and improv at the famous Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles. Some of her now-famous classmates were Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Lisa Kudrow and Kristen Wiig. Cheryl admitted that she probably would have auditioned for Saturday Night Live if she had never gotten her job on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Cheryl Hines: Dallas Royce On Suburgatory

On her new show Suburgatory, Hines plays suburban mom Dallas Royce. Dallas is a very flashy sort of woman, and Cheryl likes to think of her as well-intentioned but clearly “misguided.” She’s the sort of mom who would buy her daughter an expensive car after a bad score on the SATs, “just for trying.”

The big development for this season is that Dallas and her neighbor, George, are dating. However, George (played by Jeremy Sisto) is a far more down to earth person than she is. Only time will tell if the couple will make it! See how all the drama – and comedy – goes down on Suburgatory, which airs Wednesday nights on ABC.


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