Kelly & Michael: Chelsea Handler “Chelsea Lately” & Kardashian Feud


Chelsea Handler: Tennis Injury

Chelsea Handler was a bit confused when she arrived at the Live! with Kelly & Michael set. “I came all the way here expecting to see Regis – what happened?” she asked. Michael finally admitted what we’ve all been suspecting; he actually is Regis. He’s been unrecognizable since growing a few more inches and developing a tan.

The last time Chelsea appeared on Live, she was nursing a dance injury. Somehow, she injured her back while dancing in a chair. Now, she has a tennis injury. Even with the guidance of an instructor, Chelsea managed to trip over a ball and onto her face. Her ankle is swollen, but she’s just “sucking it up” from now on. “I’m a comedic athlete,” she joked. For some reason, Chelsea is naturally prone to injuries.


Kelly & Michael: Chelsea Handler "Chelsea Lately" & Kardashian Feud

Chelsea Handler shared why she’s showering with celebrities and the details of her feud with the Kardashian family with Kelly & Michael. (Helga Esteb /

Chelsea Handler: Chelsea Lately At Livingston High School

Chelsea grew up in Livingston, New Jersey and attended Livingston High School (Michael’s nephew also graduated from the same school). The Handler family doesn’t live there anymore, but Chelsea will soon be heading back for a string of shows at her alma mater. She plans on interviewing Chris Christie, Cory Booker and her old guidance counselors that told her she’d never amount to anything. Looks like she proved them wrong!

Chelsea Handler: Showering With Celebrities

Kelly and Michael revealed that Chelsea has recently been caught showering with celebrities and asked her to explain. “I like to be naked,” Chelsea prefaced. She thinks that women with less-than-perfect bodies should be naked on TV all the time. She joked that she has an “extra pack” instead of a six-pack.


Plus, it’s just fun to interview people in such a silly setting. She first interviewed Sandra Bullock and later Conan O’Brien. She was surprised to learn that Conan has a great body. Kelly and Michael volunteered to be her next shower guests.

Chelsea Handler: Kardashian Feud

Chelsea discussed her feud with the Kardashian family, which is actually not that serious. Chelsea admitted that they are all very nice people, but they are easy targets because of their intense fame. After a while, the jokes about them start to get old, so she hasn’t been mentioning them too often.

The Kardashians are actually taking over Chelsea Lately on Monday, April 8 2013. Charlize Theron will be the celebrity guest. The Kardashians will also appear on an upcoming episode of After Lately.  After they appear on her shows, Chelsea said that she’ll stop making fun of them “for at least 48 hours.”

You can catch Chelsea Handler hosting Chelsea Lately weeknights on E! at 11 p.m. Also, the season finale of After Lately airs at 10:30 p.m. on April 15 2013.


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