Kelly & Michael: Chandra Wilson Directing + New Grey’s Anatomy


Kelly and Michael: Chandra Wilson

For the past 10 seasons, Chandra Wilson has been entertaining and enthralling fans on the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, and she dressed up for her visit with Kelly and Michael. She was even sporting a body chain as she talked about soap operas and even directing.

Kelly & Michael: Chandra Wilson and Scooter

Kelly & Michael: Chandra Wilson Directing + New Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson talked with Kelly & Michael talked about how directing episodes has influenced her and what’s next on the show. (Helga Esteb /


Like Strahan, Chandra Wilson has Houston roots. But the similarities don’t end there. She had a message from Cousin Scooter and his wife, which she has been meaning to deliver for about a year. Wilson brought photos of a birthday party she and Strahan were invited to but could not attend.

Kelly and Michael: Chandra Wilson General Hospital

Wilson is a soap opera superfan, but these days she is down to just two hours a day, because so many shows have fallen away. Kelly was devastated at the cancellation of All My Children. Chandra got the chance to guest star on General Hospital, and she watched other actors in their scenes on the set so she would know what to do.

She demonstrated the longing, lingering stare of a soap star and then Kelly got in on the action. There was soft music and even camera tricks.


Kelly & Michael: Chandra Wilson Directing

Grey’s Anatomy is now past the 200 episode mark after 10 years on the air. Kelly suspected that she should be qualified to perform medical procedures after so much experience. But Chandra said that people know better than to ask her for medical advice.

Chandra herself has directed 10 episodes of the series over the past five years. “It’s one of those amazing little blessings that got dropped in my lap that I never even envisioned for myself before,” she said, thanking the crew for all their support. Now she said her mind is completely open to new possibilities in the future.

Kelly and Michael: Grey’s Anatomy New Episodes

In a scene from Grey’s Anatomy, Wilson’s character of Dr Miranda Bailey is concerned about her second marriage, which is starting to remind her of her first marriage, with pressures and expectations she did not want. You can enjoy the rest of season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy every Thursday night on ABC.


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