Kelly & Michael: Catherine Zeta-Jones Broken City Review & Golfing


Kelly and Michael: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones talked with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about her manners on the golf course, working with Russell Crowe, and her latest role in the movie Broken City.

Kelly & Michael: Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas

Kelly & Michael: Catherine Zeta-Jones Broken City Review & Golfing

Kelly and Michael shared a Catherine Zeta-Jones Broken City preview of the new movie with Mark Wahlberg and that actress shared her thoughts on golfing. (s_bukley /


Catherine Zeta-Jones got to meet Michael Strahan for the first time. She has not seen Kelly in a good while, so it was her first time in the show’s new studio as well. Kelly complimented Catherine’s sashay as well.

Catherine’s husband, Michael Douglas, is doing very well after his recent cancer scare. She said it helped both of them appreciate “the nuances of life.” But Catherine still can’t help sweating the small stuff.

Kelly and Michael: Catherine Zeta-Jones Golfing

Kelly asked about one of Catherine’s dogs, who moved from Bermuda to New York City. Catherine said that all her dogs are happy. It sounds like the Bermuda house is suited to dogs, with plenty of room to run and play.


Catherine said that Mark Wahlberg can “act, produce, and hit a golf ball” like a professional. Mark also told the co-hosts that Catherine was a good golfer, but she said she is inconsistent and “I swear like a truck driver…. My golf etiquette is not great if I hit a bad shot.”

Live with Kelly & Michael: Catherine Zeta-Jones & Russell Crowe

Catherine plays Russell Crowe’s wife in the new film Broken City. Russell’s character is the corrupt New York City mayor. The actors have known one another for years, though they had never worked together before. Russell was even a guest at Catherine’s wedding.

They hung around with several other expatriate actors who arrived in Hollywood around the same time and came up together.

Kelly & Michael: Catherine Zeta-Jones Broken City Review

Catherine loved the script for Broken City, and she really enjoyed working with the director. She loved working with Mark Wahlberg, whom she said can communicate a lot with little movement.

In a clip from the movie, Catherine and Mark have a rooftop confrontation about breaking a contract with the mayor. Let’s just say that it looks intense.

Broken City opens in theaters January 17 2013. With a cast like this, it sounds like it will be a movie not to miss.


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