Kelly & Michael: Caroline Rhea’s Daughter Loses an M&M Inside Her Body


Kelly & Michael: Caroline Rhea Sucks at high Fives

When celebrities come out on Live! they usually slap the hands of the front row audience but Caroline Rhea had to skip it. She said she panicked. She went to an all girl’s high school so she doesn’t know how to high five very well.

Kelly Ripa showed her the elbow trick though. Just look at the person’s elbow and you will never miss.


Thankful for the advice, Rhea offered her own complement to the Kelly Ripa and Lucy Liu.

“You look like the top of cute same sex wedding cake,” said Rhea.

Caroline Rhea’s Nephew Graduated High School

Kelly & Michael: Caroline Rhea's Daughter Loses an M&M Inside Her Body

Caroline Rhea stopped by to talk with Kelly Ripa and she told her about the time her daughter discovered her body and lost an M&M.
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Rhea said her nephew, William, just graduated high school and when they showed the picture of the two together, Kelly Ripa thought it was a picture of Rhea and her boyfriend. Apparently it happens all the time. Rhea even said her friends love her nephew and they always flirt with him but she has to explain to them that to him, they are a bunch of old grandmas.

He is handy with technology though. He helped Rhea get all the pictures off her phone when she didn’t even know she could take pictures. She said there were like fifty pictures of her looking at her phone confused wondering what it was doing.

Kelly Ripa: Caroline Rhea’s Daughter a Diva

Caroline Rhea’s daughter, Ava, recently graduated from preschool and Rhea was super proud of her.

“I have very young ovaries,” she joked.

Anyways, when the time came to graduate, Ava was suppose to sing a song she has been practicing all week but when she got on stage she froze up. Rhea never thought it would happen because she said her daughter is so outgoing and seems like such a little diva.

She told one story where Ava’s godmother came over and Ava wanted to do a dance for her because she had been told she is a “natural dancer.”

Caroline Rhea’s Daughter Discovers Her Body

Rhea has her hands full with Ava. Apparently the little girl just discovered her “body” and when Caroline was giving her a bath she noticed one area was a bit more red than it should be. She said she panicked and told her daughter never to put anything in there.

“She looked at me and said, ‘Not even one M&M?” said Rhea. “There is nothing in an parenting book about that.”

You can see more of Caroline Rhea at the Tacoma Comedy Club this June 12th through the 15th.


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