Kelly & Michael: Bruce Willis A Good Day To Die Hard & Daughter Mabel


Bruce Willis: Commander Of the Arts

For a Valentine’s Day treat, Kelly & Michael had the chance to chat with Bruce Willis. As he entered the set, Bruce said hello to as many people in the audience as he could. His generosity towards fans and iconic roles have made him one of the world’s biggest movie stars.

Bruce recently received a big honor in France and was awarded Commander of the Arts. Kelly was very impressed with Bruce’s medallion, which he displayed in a picture of him and his wife.


Bruce Willis: 10-Month-Old Daughter Mabel

Kelly & Michael: Bruce Willis A Good Day To Die Hard & Daughter Mabel

Bruce Willis discussed his four daughters, his Valentine’s Day plans and his new film A Good Day to Die Hard with Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /

Bruce has three older daughters with his ex-wife, Demi Moore, but he now has another baby girl with new wife Emma Hemming. Their adorable daughter, Mabel, is 10-months-old. “You cannot make a son,” Kelly joked. “You’ve used up all your testosterone in these movies!”

However, Bruce loves being a man surrounded by many women. “I think women should be in charge of everything,” he said. According to Bruce, women are smarter, know what they’re doing and are able to handle things better than men. He used his Die Hard character, John McClane, as an example; John is heroic, but he’s not very smart.


Bruce Willis: Valentine’s Day Plans

Bruce’s Valentine’s Day plans involve presents and flowers for all of the women in his life. His oldest daughter, Rumer, is now working on a film. Scout is at Brown University while Tallulah, the youngest, will leave for college in San Francisco later this year.

Bruce Willis: Did He First Turn Die Hard Down?

Bruce has been playing John McClane for 25 years in the Die Hard film series, and it’s the role that first made him a major star. But did he almost turn the role down? The answer is yes! Bruce was shooting the TV series Moonlighting at the time he was offered the role, and he wasn’t sure if he’d have the time to film it. Then, his Moonlighting co-star Cybill Shepherd became pregnant, the show went on hiatus, and his schedule was suddenly free. It must have been fate!

Bruce Willis: A Good Day To Die Hard

A Good Day to Die Hard is the sixth film in the Die Hard series. So how many more does Bruce think he can do? He said he’d do five more, just because he loves making them. Where else can you jump off buildings, crash cars and catch fire without anyone getting hurt?

A Good Day To Die Hard opens in theaters Thursday, February 14 2013.


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