Kelly & Michael: Bret Michaels 50th Birthday Party & Rock My RV Review


Kelly & Michael: Bret Michaels Celebrates His 50th Birthday

Bret Michaels was on the show June 17 2013 and Kelly Ripa was having a hard time believing he was 50. He said it really happened and he was just happy to be “living on the right side of the dirt.”

For his 50th birthday celebration, Michaels said he spent it with his kids. He had a kids birthday party with his two children and then the next day he had a “super mega party” on his bus with only adults. He said everyone had a great time, they listened to some good music and they drank a lot of good alcohol.


“I throw a good party. I am a great host,” said Bret Michaels. “We threw a great party the way a party is supposed to happen.”

Live!: Bret Michaels Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Kelly & Michael: Bret Michaels 50th Birthday Party & Rock My RV Review

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan talked with Bret Michaels about his recent 50th birthday party and about his new show, Rock My RV.
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There are few people in this world more positive than Bret Michaels. Even with his type 1 diabetes and the brain hemorrhaging he suffered a little while back, Michaels is still optimistic about the future. He tries to stay as positive as he can even though he said being a rock star and having diabetes is a “tremendous inconvenience.”


Kelly & Michael: People Beginning to Mock Bret Michaels Style

Kelly Ripa pointed out a lot of people are rocking headbands now and it seems like everywhere she turns someone is trying to look like Bret Michaels.

“I am probably not the first person to wear a bandana,” said Bret Michaels asa a girl yelled out he was the cutest though.

Live!: Bret Michaels Rock My RV

Bret Michaels is the host of the new Travel Channel show, Rock My RV, a show that follows Michaels around the country as he fixes up RVs for a number of people. From business men with great ideas for the future to families who are down on their luck, Michaels help everyone.

It may seem that a musician is fixing up RVs, but Michaels said RVs are close to his heart. His entire childhood was spent camping with his family, driving state to state in the family RV. He said his family loved the open road and it is something that he has continued to love as he has grown older. He also said he is an in RV nine months out of the year so he knows what needs to be an RV and what doesn’t.

“I am one of the first musicians to take an RV to Europe and Australia,” said Michaels, explaining other musicians stay in hotels but he wanted to see the open road of those countries as well.

Kelly Ripa seemed a bit jealous of Michaels’ lifestyle saying it has been her dream to travel across the country in an RV since she was a little girl.

You can see more of Bret Michaels when Rock My RV airs Sunday nights on the Travel Channel.



  1. says

    I’d like to get the address so I can write Bret Michaels about Rock My RV. I am not good at this computer stuff and really would like to send him a letter could not find it here. Thank You and God Bless You. DonnaKay

  2. Jane Agnew says

    Dear mr michaels
    I hope you still do the show rock my rv
    I was wondering if you could help me surprise my husband
    He is one of the best men around he is a very hard worker works 72 to 84 hours a week and has been doing it for the almost 20 years we been married
    This last year has been really tough on us we lost his brother almost lost his daughter lost our grandchild see last October my soon to be ex son in law tried to kill my stepdaughter she was 8 1/2 months pregnant and he cut the baby out of her belly she spent almost 2months in the hospital and my husband had to leave his job for 2 months and we both lived up at that hospital then this year we lost his cousin his aunt and we are going to lose his uncle towards the end of this year
    We live in a 23 foot ford four winds with 7 cats and 1 dog right now it is me and the animals while he travels with his job
    This is the only home we have and we will have to live in it but it is falling apart we never could find anyone who worked on rvs so for a couple of years when it rained it rained inside the roof is ruined and the wood is mildewed and sagging the hot water hasn’t worked for a couple of years when I do dishes I hear hot water on stove bathtub is cracked refrigerator doesn’t work I had to tear out the carpeting cause I have 1 cat that has a severe flea allergy
    It just seems like it is falling in and I don’t know what to do my husband has always wanted a bigger motor home but this was all we could afford now he is fighting skin cancer and he has to get out of the sun so I am getting these bills paid off so he can get him a 40 hour a week job he calls that a retirement job
    Plus the motor home isn’t running we had to have it towed to the campground
    If you by chance are able to help me I am at the Koa in denham springs Louisiana lot 31 but if you could call me cause I would have to try to find some sort of shelter for my animals and myself
    My number is 225-788-3916
    I don’t know if you do motor homes that small or not but I thought I would ask
    I wrote you a letter but sent it to your old record label so you probably won’t get it
    Thank you for listening
    Jane agnew

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