Kelly & Michael: Brad Keselowski Driving Record + 2014 Daytona 500


Kelly and Michael: Brad Keselowski

NASCAR’s Brad Keselowski is the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion, and he visited Kelly & Michael to talk about the new season of races. Learn about his driving record off the track and what he has planned for the NASCAR 2014 season.

During his previous appearance on the show, he was single and looking. Now he said he is happily dating, which means that he is off the market. During the off season, he said he has been having some fun.


Kelly & Michael: Brad Keselowski Driving Record

Kelly & Michael: Brad Keselowski Driving Record + 2014 Daytona 500

NASCAR’s Brad Keselowski talked with Kelly and Michael about his driving record off the racetrack, as well as what’s in store for the 2014 NASCAR season. (Beelde Photography /

The Michigan native is a third-generation driver in his family. He ran a race in Memphis that made him feel nervous about his future in racing. He got a phone call from Dale Earnhardt, Jr., while he was on a plane. He listened to that voicemail, which was an invitation to join his racing team.

What is it like for Brad Keselowski to drive in a normal car when he’s off the racetrack? He said that he thinks he does well, but his friends and family may not agree. He was driving a Mustang this past year when he hit a pothole, spun out, hit a pole, and totaled the brand new car.


The good news is that he was not injured, but he did get charged $20,000 to replace the light pole he knocked down.

Kelly and Michael: Brad Keselowski NASCAR 2014

After claiming the championship in 2012, Keselowski had a bad year in 2013. But what does he have planned for the 2014 season? He told Kelly and Michael that he plans to run better during the year.

He drives for Penske Racing, and got some advice from Roger Penske. He said that the team now includes an athletic director, who works with Brad and the pit crew. Michael Strahan said that the pit crew teams seem to be huge, and Brad explained that they often include experienced athletes.

Keselowski said that they have an easier time teaching car maintenance to athletes than the other way around. Michael tried to volunteer for the pit crew, as if he does not already have enough jobs.

Kelly & Michael: Brad Keselowski Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 kicks off the racing season, the biggest race of the year. It’s comparable to the Super Bowl, except it comes first, and Keselowski said he is hopeful about his prospects this year.

Keselowski said that he feels like Kyle Busch is the one behind their rumored feud, which Brad said is one-sided. He answered more fan questions, including what happens if you have a bathroom emergency during a race. He said that so far, this has not happened.

Who should play Brad in a movie? He thinks that Macaulay Culkin might be a good choice. During the 2012 Daytona 500, there was a massive wreck, where a car ran into a jet engine dryer, causing a huge explosion. Since no one was hurt, it made for a funny moment.

Brad also told Kelly and Michael that he would have loved the chance to race against his father, who retired from the sport a few years before Brad began. You can watch the Daytona 500 Sunday, February 23 on Fox.


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