Kelly & Michael: Bow Wow Week Obedience Training


Kelly & Michael: Dog Training

Kelly & Michael have learned a lot about America’s favorite pets, dogs, this week on Bow Wow Week. So far, they participated in a dog diet and fitness challenge, and also learned how to choose the right type of dog breed. Next up, Kelly & Michael learned some great tips for obedience training your dog.

Kelly & Michael: Obedience Training Destination Spot Technique for Dog

Justin Silver taught obedience training on Live Bow Wow Week.


Every dog owner knows that one of the most annoying habits a dog picks up is barking whenever someone rings the doorbell or knocks on the door. However, there is a way to curb this behavior. Expert dog trainer Justin Silver joined Kelly & Michael with his adorable pitbull, Pacino, to demonstrate how to better train your dog.

Justin Silver: Obedience Training

When a dog starts barking, most dog answers respond by yelling at their dog to stop. But according to Justin, this is not the best way to correct barking, because you are simply barking yourself! Instead, you can practice a few drills that will teach your dog to stay put when someone is at the door.

Kelly & Michael: Destination Spot Dog Training

Find a mat and place it near the door to use as a “destination spot.” This is the place that your dog will learn to wait quietly while you go answer the door. Using a treat, reward your dog for sitting and staying, then go ring your own doorbell. Eventually, he will learn to stay rather than go running towards the door.


Also, you can ring the bell first,  then bring him to the mat, and then go and open the door. When a real guest comes, wait a moment before answering, giving your dog the treat in his destination spot first.

Pacino was an old pro, but any dog can learn this behavior through lots of practice. The key is repetition and positive reinforcement.



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