Kelly & Michael: Bill O’Reilly Killing Patton + Teaching History


Kelly & Michael: Bill O’Reilly Killing Books

Bill O’Reilly came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his new “Killing” book Killing Patton, which is available now and is about the mysterious death of General George S. Patton. Of course O’Reilly’s best known for his Fox News show The O’Reilly Factor, where he doesn’t hold back, but he also has 12 books.

Killing Patton is very descriptive. This is his fourth “Killing” book and he writes about icons: Lincoln, America’s best President; Kennedy, America’s most charismatic President; Jesus, the most influential man who ever lived; and now Patton, America’s best general. Everyone thought his death was an accident, but O’Reilly thinks he was murdered. He wants the investigation to be reopened because it was ridiculous.


Kelly & Michael: Bill O’Reilly Killing Patton Review

Kelly & Michael: Bill O'Reilly Killing Patton + Teaching History

Bill O’Reilly discussed his new book ‘Killing Patton’ with Kelly & Michael. (spirit of america /

What he really wanted to do was tell everyone what really happened in WWII because everyone thinks they know, but they don’t. People don’t know what these icons such as Churchill, FDR, Hitler, and Stalin were really like, but O’Reilly tells you.  He puts the reader in the bunker, in the White House etc. and makes it feel like you’re really there.

Kelly & Michael: Who Was General Patton?

O’Reilly said that we need Patton today. He was a man who wanted to win and understood good versus evil. When he saw something that was evil, he attacked it. He saved thousands of lives at the Battle of the Bulge. He was a human being though and did bad things. He had a mistress and nobody knew it, which O’Reilly uncovered. He wanted to give the full portrayal.


Germany called Patton “the most feared General on all fronts in action” because he would just attack, attack, attack. O’Reilly started the book with the only fight that he didn’t win. It was a stalemate. He would just attack and keep the enemy on the defensive. We’re bombing ISIS now, and O’Reilly said that we need to attack like Patton did and not wait for them to attack us. He always came up against Eisenhower who was much more diplomatic.

Kelly & Michael: Who Killed General Patton?

Who is responsible for killing Patton? Stalin. O’Reilly believes that Stalin had Patton killed because he was going to come back to the United States because he got fired because he was so anti-Russian and wanted to continue the war. Patton was going go on a national speaking tour and possibly run for President. He was going to denounce Russia and Stalin didn’t want that. O’Reilly can’t prove that Stalin killed him, but he was hit by another army vehicle that turned into him even though there was no reason for the car to be turning. He wants the United States to reopen the investigation.

Kelly & Michael: Bill O’Reilly History Teacher

O’Reilly dedicated the book to his father and his grandfather. His father was a naval officer in WWII in Japan and his grandfather served in WWI and was an NYPD cop. He dedicated it to them because they loved their country and they served their country well.

The Vietnam War was just winding down when O’Reilly graduated from college. He thought about joining the army, but decided to be a teacher instead. He taught high school history for two years, which ignited his interest in history and he wanted to make it personal to make it less boring for his students. For example, Hitler was awakened with cocaine eye drops every day for the last year of the war. He also had four shots of methamphetamine every day. And the war was brutal, but Patton was at the head of it all.


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