Kelly & Michael: Beth Behrs Beekeeper, Cowboy Boots + 2 Broke Girls


Kelly & Michael: Beth Behrs Cowboy Boots

2 Broke Girls is an enduring CBS sitcom, and the beautiful Beth Behrs wore a short jumpsuit dress and joined Kelly and Michael to talk about cowboy boots, becoming a beekeeper, and new episodes of her show.

Behrs had a great time on her vacation in Nashville, taking in plenty of great music and delicious food, as well as stocking up on cowboy boots, which she loves to wear with jeans, a skirt, or a dress. She loves to wear them as often as possible.


Kelly and Michael: Is Beth Behrs Messy?

Kelly & Michael: Beth Behrs Beekeeper, Cowboy Boots + 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls star Beth Behrs has made a big decision. She told Kelly & Michael that she has decided to become a beekeeper as a hobby with her boyfriend. (Featureflash /

Beth Behrs loves traveling with her boyfriend, but how do they get along on the road? Though she is not messy at home, she is a mess on the road, making a mess that trips her boyfriend up near the bed or the door.

Kelly Ripa said that she is more messy at work in her dressing room than she is at home with her family. Do you find that you are different at work or on vacation than you are at home? Michael Strahan said that he unpacks and even uses the drawers to organize his clothes on the road.


Kelly & Michael: Beth Behrs 2 Broke Girls Season 3

In a scene from an upcoming episode, Behrs’ character is stunned by her co-star’s new hairdo. 2 Broke Girls is now in its third season Monday nights on CBS. But Behrs recently got yelled at on the set. What happened?

Co-star Kat Dennings has become close to Behrs in real life, and they sometimes get a little goofy on the set. The stars were once playing Would You Rather? when the director called action, so a scene started when they were not paying attention.

Kelly said that she would fit in on Live!, where acting like a 12-year-old is encouraged. Beth is hoping to be a little more focused in the future.

Kelly and Michael: Beth Behrs Beekeeper

Beth Behrs has made the big decision to become a beekeeper. She and her boyfriend (who has prior beekeeping experience) are going to take on a hive and work to help do something about the decline of the bee population. She showed off a photo of her hat, which looks like a colander before you add the veil. Kelly suggested that the couple get married in their beekeeping outfits.

In addition to saving the bees, it could be a great DIY opportunity, since there will be plenty of honey and wax as byproducts. You can watch new episodes of 2 Broke Girls every Monday night on CBS.


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