Kelly & Michael: Ben Affleck Batman Movie + Gone Girl Review


Kelly & Michael: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his highly anticipated movie Gone Girl, which is based on the bestselling novel of the same name. I think it looks really intriguing and well done. It’s about a guy, played by Affleck, who’s accused of his wife’s murder after she disappears. It looks pretty dark and like it has a lot of twists in it. Things clearly aren’t what they seem to be in this movie. He had a great three piece suit on when he came to the show. He had a t-shirt on last time and Michael said he didn’t look good, but he stepped it up this time.

Kelly & Michael: Ben Affleck Promoting Movies

Kelly & Michael: Ben Affleck Batman Movie + Gone Girl Review

Ben Affleck came by to talk about his movie ‘Gone Girl’ and his work on ‘Batman.’ (DFree /


Affleck’s voice was a little hoarse when he came by the show this morning. He’s been talking about this movie for a month and has been working nights, so he had a hoarse voice, but he’s okay. It must be fun to be a movie star, but promoting the movies are probably the worst. “It depends what kinds of questions they ask you,” Affleck said.

Kelly & Michael: Ben Affleck Boston Vs New York

Affleck’s a huge Boston fan, but he said that if the Red Sox lost to the Yankees he’d be a Yankee fan for a day, so it looks like he’s a Yankees fan now, at least for a day. “It passed,” Affleck said. Their treatment of Jeter was really classy. There won’t be another one like him. “Certainly not in New York,” Affleck said. He’s also a Patriots fan and he and Michael started arguing a little bit. “There’s gonna be a fistfight right now,” Kelly said.

Kelly & Michael: Ben Affleck’s Kids’ Diseases

Affleck has three kids. His son has foot in mouth disease and all of the other parents at school are freaking out. They’re rioting. They had lice in their house before. There’s actually a van that comes around with ladies to comb your hair and spray your house. Michael didn’t know about the truck when he had to deal with it.


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Kelly & Michael: Ben Affleck Batman

Affleck had called Michael small earlier, but Affleck’s just large. He’s been working out for his upcoming Batman movie. People have huge expectations for these movies now and exercising is just as much a part of the job as anything now. “Well that’s gotta be fun for Jen,” Kelly said. He can take a suit home for $100,000, so he’s just going to take a picture instead. He won’t be doing any birthday parties. They cost so much because they pay such close attention to detail.

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Kelly & Michael: Gone Girl Review

While reading Gone Girl Kelly though it’d make a great movie. Affleck thought it wouldn’t be possible to make it into a movie, but it went great. The story’s so compelling because it’s about putting out this side to yourself when you’re trying to get to know someone, but once you’re married and the door’s closed, your real self comes out. There’s a particular chapter titled “the Cool Girl,” which I’ve read, that’s really relatable. “Wow. Women are lying about this stuff?” Affleck said. So it’s about that and “did we or did we not kill them,” Affleck said.

The movie’s about showing off your best side, so what would Jennifer Garner say Affleck’s best side is? Affleck wouldn’t say, but he did say that she had so many good sides. That’s a perfect answer.

In the clip, Affleck’s character meets his future wife played by Rosamund Pike. Gone Girl will be in theaters on October 3 2014.


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