Kelly & Michael: Bad Brad Keselowski Tweets Picture During NASCAR Race


Live! with Kelly: NASCAR Driver Bad Brad Keselowski

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos welcomed Bad Brad Keselowski on the stage to chat about NASCAR but first he had to give everyone some pointers on how to say his name.

“Start with a ‘K’, end with a ‘ski’ and fly through the middle part,” said Brad.


Kelly wanted to know why everyone called him Bad Brad, but he really didn’t know. Coincidentally, Mark also has a nickname. They call him Dark Mark.

Before they moved onto NASCAR questions, Keselowski has a question for Kelly. He wanted to know if Kelly and Mark ever go backstage after the show and have the ‘I can’t believe you said that’ conversation.

Kelly & Michael: Bad Brad Keselowski Tweets Picture During NASCAR Race

NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski talked with Kelly Ripa about tweeting during a NASCAR race and autographing a baby in a beer bucket.
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“It depends how stupid he was,” Kelly Ripa said.

Brad Keselowski: Single and Ready to Mingle

Ladies, Brad Keselowski is single and he is ready to mingle,or at least that’s what Mark Consuelos said.

“Dark Mark is a good wingman as well,” joked Brad.

Kelly was trying to hook him up with some of the audience members. She said there were some “good time charlenes” in the audience but first she needed to know what he looks for in a woman. All it takes for Brad is a good smile. He starts there. As long as the girl is always smiling and having a good time, he is all about them.

Kelly & Michael: Brad Keselowski Tweets from NASCAR Track During Race

Keselowski recently got in a little trouble with NASCAR after he tweeted from the inside of his car during a race. He told Kelly and Mark the car was not moving when he snapped the picture, although everyone thinks that is what happened. He said what actually happened was a large crash caused the red flag to come out, meaning everyone stops where they are, and while he was waiting for the race to start he tweeted out a picture from the race track.

“Not allowed to do it again,” said Brad.

Live!: Brad Keselowski Autographed a Baby

Kelly and Mark had some Twitter questions for Brad to answer:

Shelby asked will if Brad will be doing any extra special celebrations if he wins at his home track this weekend. He said he would but it is going to be a surprise. The only clue he gave was that it would happen in Victory Lane.

Another person asked what was the craziest thing he has ever autographed. He said it had to be a baby. Apparently someone put their baby in a beer bucket and then asked him to sign the child.

So NASCAR really is like Talladega Nights.


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