Kelly & Michael: Ashley Tisdale ‘Scary Movie 5’ & Maxim Cover


Ashley Tisdale: Maxim Magazine Cover

Ashley Tisdale joined Kelly and Michael for an interview about her new film, Scary Movie 5. But first, Kelly held up Ashley’s steamy new Maxim magazine cover and tried to take credit. “I hate when they put your head on my body!” she joked.

Ashley revealed that the shoot was a really fun experience, but it was very cold in Malibu that day.


Ashley Tisdale: Discovered In a New Jersey Mall

Kelly & Michael: Ashley Tisdale 'Scary Movie 5' & Maxim Cover

Ashley Tisdale discussed her role in the horror spoof Scary Movie 5 with Kelly & Michael. (Helga Esteb /

Ashley has already had a long career in show business, and it all began at the age of three. She was discovered in a New Jersey mall by her manager, who thought she’d be perfect for commercials. Ashley said that her mom wasn’t too keen on the idea, but eventually gave in. Now, I’m sure Ashley’s mom knows she made the right decision!

Ashley’s family background isn’t in show business, but in inventions. Her maternal grandfather promoted Ginsu knives and was a cousin of businessman Ron Pompeil. Kelly recalled watching Ginsu knives cut through a can on the old infomercials.


Ashley Tisdale: Snowboarding For the First Time

Ashley recently traveled to Mammoth for New Year’s, where she tried snowboarding for the first time. Since snowboarding can be very dangerous, Kelly wondered if Ashley’s “people” were worried about injuries. Ashley joked that Disney used to stop her from playing outside as a kid.

Ashley Tisdale: Scary Movie 5

Ashley plays a young woman who moves into a haunted house in Scary Movie 5, which spoofs a lot of films from the horror genre. So what’s the scariest movie that Ashley’s ever seen? She said that after watching Paranormal Activity, she couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. The Exorcist also ranks among the scariest films she’s seen, and Michael agreed. He’s not into “stuff with spirits,” because it seems like it could be real!

There are many celebrity cameos in Scary Movie 5, including Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and even Mike Tyson. According to Ashley, Mike Tyson was “intimidating, but really nice.” Michael did a great impression of Mike’s surprisingly soft speaking voice.

Later, the hosts checked out a clip of Ashley bringing her new baby home to the haunted house. See the hilarious Scary Movie 5 in theaters on Friday, April 12 2013.


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