Kelly & Michael: Anthony Edwards New Series “Zero Hour” Review


Anthony Edwards: Marathon Runner

Kelly & Michael welcomed Anthony Edwards to the show, a Golden Globe-winning actor and star of the new series Zero Hour. Anthony brought a camera with him and took “selfies” with audience members as he came out. Anthony’s six-year-old daughter taught him that “selfies” are pictures taken of yourself, by yourself, which is apparently a new trend.

Kelly & Michael: Anthony Edwards New Series "Zero Hour" Review

Anthony Edwards discussed the compelling mystery behind his new series Zero Hour with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /


Anthony is a marathon runner, which is pretty impressive. However, he was equally impressed by Kelly’s recent Empire State Building Run-Up. If he enjoys running marathons, then Kelly suggested he try it for himself! Anthony was reluctant, but she promised that he “would dig it.” Anthony, Kelly and Michael should all do the Empire State Building Run-Up together next year!

Anthony Edwards: New Series Zero Hour

Anthony is now starring in the new ABC series Zero Hour. It’s his first big role on television since his memorable, starring role on E.R. Anthony said that people still come up to him and ask medical advice, not realizing that he was just a “fake” doctor.

The story surrounding Zero Hour is a complicated one, but Anthony did his best to explain it for the audience. It all begins when his character’s wife gets abducted by international terrorists. This sets off a mysterious chain of events involving time-travel with clocks that act as portals. The clocks go back to Nazi Germany in 1938, which sets up a conspiracy between the past and the present. It’s very bizarre, but it sounds intriguing!


Kelly & Michael previewed the show with a clip of Anthony’s character arguing with members of the FBI. To unlock the mystery for yourself, catch Zero Hour which premieres Thursday, February 14 2013 at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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