Kelly & Michael: Annette Bening The Face of Love Review + Chuck Close


Kelly and Michael: Annette Bening Great Gatsby

Annette Bening has a remarkable resume of hit films, and she looks as remarkable as ever! She was sharply dressed and very poised as she took the stage, sitting next to Kelly and Michael to talk about her new movie, The Face of Love.

Bening watched the Oscars this year from the comfort of her own home. She said that she thought this year’s show was great and that the awards were spread out among a variety of movies. Bening was glad that The Great Gatsby was honored for Catherine Martin’s production design (she also did the costumes). Kelly claimed the film inspired her bob haircut.


Kelly & Michael: Annette Bening Chuck Close Portrait

Kelly & Michael: Annette Bening The Face of Love Review + Chuck Close

Beloved actress Annette Bening is telling a new kind of love story in the movie The Face of Love, where she stars with Robin Williams and Ed Harris. (DFree /

Kelly Ripa did an episode without makeup after losing a bet to Michael. But Annette Bening also went natural in a Vanity Fair photo shoot. She trusted photographer and artist Chuck Close, whom she said was amazing. The photo was taken with an old-fashioned Polaroid camera, and she was pleased to be invited to participate in Close’s project for Vanity Fair.

As for the hair, makeup, and haute couture, Bening said that glamour can be a lot of fun, but it doesn’t often have much to do with the work of acting, which is more internal for Annette in her personal process and performances.


Kelly and Michael: Annette Bening + Warren Beatty

Bening has been married to Warren Beatty for over 20 years, and they have four children, two of whom are in college. The household can be very busy, but she is lucky and said their home is never boring.

Kelly & Michael: Annette Bening The Face of Love Review

She works with Robin Williams and Ed Harris in the new dramatic film The Face of Love. But there are some lighter and more humorous moments throughout the movie. Williams was hilarious on set and never stopped joking around off camera, Bening said, calling him very professional and invested in the work.

The story is based on director Ari Posner’s mother, who fell for a man she ran into that looked remarkably similar to her deceased husband. That was the inspiration for the story in this movie.

Bening said that it can happen to any of us when we lose someone, and a certain scent or particular place can bring them back to you for a moment. The Face of Love is playing in select cities March 7, with a wider release on March 13 2014.


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