Kelly & Michael: Anna Kendrick Social Media + ‘Into the Woods’


Kelly & Michael: Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about her new movie Into the Woods. I was really excited for this interview because I think Kendrick is insanely talented and entertaining, but I’m also looking forward to seeing Into the Woods. It looks amazing. Kendrick has been nominated for an Oscar and a Tony. She’s “pitch perfect.” Kelly loved her shoes. They were amazing.

Kelly & Michael: Anna Kendrick Social Media

Kelly & Michael: Anna Kendrick Social Media + Into the Woods

Anna Kendrick talked to Kelly & Michael about her huge social media presence and her new movie ‘Into the Woods.’ (s_bukley /


Kendrick met Joaquin Phoenix backstage. He’s really nice and gave a funny interview, so the pressure was on. She’s funny too. She does a lot on Instagram and Twitter and has a huge following. She started with diplomatic stuff, but the more funny things she said, the more people liked it.

She also takes a lot of food pictures. They showed some cupcakes she made and ate for breakfast because there’s cream cheese in them, so they count. She doesn’t feel much pressure to keep the social media thing going. Maybe she should get a writing staff. Kelly said she should get a grumpy looking cat.

Kelly & Michael: Into the Woods Review

Kendrick plays the iconic Cinderella in Into the Woods. She said it was scary and serious, but thankfully it’s a different kind of Cinderella. She tried to be really regal and took it too far. She talks to birds and is crazy, so she could be weird. She also runs away from the prince and doesn’t know what she wants, which is a modern dilemma. She’s very conflicted. It’s Chris Pine and she’s still not convinced. The director doesn’t like to CGI, and in her big scene, Pine had to be frozen in time. It took two days.


In the clip of Into the Woods, Kendrick sang to the Baker’s Wife about what the Prince was like. But she didn’t have much to see about the prince. He was kind of charming and it was all very strange. Why did she run away? It wasn’t quite what she expected. She has a beautiful voice. Into the Woods will be in theaters on Christmas Day. I’m definitely going to see it.

Check out the video here:


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