Kelly & Michael: Angela Bassett “Olympus Has Fallen” Review


Angela Bassett: Seven-Year-Old Twins

Kelly & Michael could barely contain their excitement in welcoming Academy Award nominee Angela Bassett. Angela is the star of the new film Olympus Has Fallen, where she portrays the head of the Secret Service. Known for her many powerful film roles, Angela’s other important role is mom to seven-year-old twins.

Since Michael also has twins, he and Angela bonded over being twin parents. Angela explained that when her son and daughter are together, they can’t ever get along peacefully. However, they miss each other when they’re separated. I guess it’s a twin thing!


Kelly & Michael: Angela Bassett "Olympus Has Fallen" Review

Angela Bassett discussed her role as the head of Secret Service in the new blockbuster Olympus Has Fallen with Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /

Angela Bassett: Strong Female Performances

Kelly pointed out that women connect so much with Angela’s performances because she always represents strong women in film. In fact, her role in Olympus Has Fallen was originally written for a man because there’s never been a female head of the Secret Service – not yet, at least!

Eventually, Angela would like to try something different, like perhaps a light-hearted comedy.


Angela Bassett: New Film Olympus Has Fallen

The plot of Olympus Has Fallen revolves around a terrorist takeover of the White House. “Olympus” really is the secret code name for the White House, just one of the many “authentic” details the film contains. Michael already saw the film and loved its realism and thrilling action.

Olympus Has Fallen also marks the first time Angela worked with Morgan Freeman. She was very nervous to star alongside the film legend, but was eventually able to relax. She said that Morgan likes to sing old Top 40 hits between takes. The film also stars Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart.

See Olympus Has Fallen starring Angela Bassett in theaters on Friday, March 22 2013.


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