Kelly & Michael: Angela Bassett ‘AHS: Freak Show’ + ‘Whitney’


Kelly & Michael: Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about her new Lifetime biopic Whitney. Bassett’s so talented, so I’m sure it’s absolutely amazing. I was hoping she’d talk a bit about American Horror Story: Freak Show too. She’s an Academy Award winning actress who’s been on films, TV, and theater. Now she’s going behind the camera to direct. I think she looked amazing. People were going crazy. Kelly said that one of her prayers is that she look like Bassett. She really doesn’t Bassett.

Kelly & Michael: Angela Bassett 'Whitney'

Angela Bassett talked to Kelly & Michael about directing ‘Whitney.’ (Helga Esteb /


Kelly & Michael: Angela Bassett Twins

Bassett has twins who are turning 9 in two weeks. They’re doing great. They’re very different. She’s more reserved and he’s out front. He just went up to strangers playing checkers and they started teaching him.

She just watches and sees if there’s danger. She has to bail him out sometimes. He got hurt and she took him to the office and told him he’d be okay and not to worry. They’re not in the same class. If he gets to be too much, she’ll stand up for herself.

Kelly & Michael: ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

She plays such a wild character in American Horror Story: Freak Show. She knew she was coming back, but she had no idea who she was playing. She thought she’d be a bearded lady, but it was better than that. She finally found out and freaked out. She needed to process it. Kelly joked that Gelman was happy he was represented on the show.


Kelly & Michael: Angela Basset on ‘Whitney’

In the clip of Whitney, Whitney Houston was talking to Bobby Brown, who was a fan. So she said she was a fan of him. Then he asked her out. Bassett had a relationship with Whitney. They worked together. Driving to work to the production office four or five weeks before filming, her song came on right at the exit and a huge bus passed by with WH in her favorite color, purple. She thought it was a sign. She started crying and laughing. She knew it was going to be okay and would work out. Houston trusted her.

This is Bassett’s first time directing. Kelly said it wouldn’t be her last. She got some great performances from people. She had lunch with the producer and he said he was working on the biopic, but he didn’t have a director. She said she’d text him some names because she was so excited. She said she wished she could direct it, but he was surprised. She texted the names, but he called a couple days later and said it could be her. Whitney will premiere on January 17 2015 on Lifetime.

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