Kelly & Michael: Andy Samberg Simpsons + Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review


Kelly & Michael: Andy Samberg Golden Globe Winner

The always funny Emmy and Golden Globe winner Andy Samberg came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about the new season of his hilarious show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s still weird for him to be called a “Golden Globe winner” though. It’s on a shelf in his bedroom and now he’s really difficult to work with and he makes all kinds of demands. He asks, “Can I have a water?” He won most improved player on his soccer team when he was 12 years old, which really meant he wasn’t good, but it prepared him for his awards now.

Kelly & Michael: Andy Samberg The Simpsons

He wasn’t good at much when he was a kid. It was always about comedy. In fact, he used to memorize episodes of The Simpsons and recite them. Then his dad would make him do it at parties. He’d say, “Andy, come and do The Simpsons.” He thought he was great at it, but looking back he probably wasn’t. Samberg grew up in Berkley, California, and went to a huge high school and he used his humor to get out of pretty much everything.


Kelly & Michael: Andy Samberg Skeet Shooting

Kelly & Michael: Andy Samberg Simpsons + Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review

Andy Samberg talked to Kelly & Michael about what it’s like to shoot ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ in LA. (DFree /

Samberg went on a river rafting trip in Oregon this summer. They spent four or five days on the river, stayed with friends and even went skeet shooting. He was pretty good. He’d never shot guns before, but he hit 50% “of the skeet.” What is a skeet? They’re little clay disks. Samberg loved it. He felt like he was Sarah Connor from Terminator.

Kelly & Michael: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review

The clip of Brooklyn Nine-Nineshowed Samberg and another detective trying a really gross drink in the premiere episode. Samberg’s character intentionally got fired from the NYPD so he could infiltrate the mob in the finale last season. “Sorry Jersey,” Samberg said.


Samberg even did some training with cops. Right before they started the first season they had technical advisers to show them basic protocol. They help them out whenever they have stuff that has to do with protocol and procedure. It has to be “accurate-ish.” Any cops that hate the show wouldn’t tell Samberg, but he’s gotten a great response. They appreciate him showing that there’s a lot of camaraderie and that there is a lighter side to things. People say they knew a guy like Samberg’s character.

There’s actually a lot of Samberg in his character. “It’s like me if I was actually good at something besides improving as a soccer player,” he said.

They shoot in LA and there’s one shot in the credits that’s in Brooklyn. That’s hilarious. They shoot on the same lot as Seinfeld once did. Samberg felt weird about shooting in LA at first but then he felt better after he found out about Seinfeld doing the same thing. Now it’s his excuse whenever someone asks him why they don’t shoot in New York. Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs on Sundays on FOX.


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