Kelly & Michael: Andy Cohen “Most Talkative” & Cardinals First Pitch


Andy Cohen: Most Talkative In Paperback

When Kelly’s good friend and Bravo network mastermind Andy Cohen dropped by Live, it was his first time meeting Michael Strahan. The TV host, producer and author penned his first memoir, Most Talkative, in 2012. Now, Most Talkative is available in paperback. In honor of yesterday’s April Fools’ Day, Andy shared his craziest April Fools prank ever, as detailed in his book.

The biggest joke Andy ever played was convincing his parents that he was of Shawnee Indian heritage, which, if you think about it, it doesn’t even make sense! However, Andy kept the joke up for months and months until his parents finally accepted his identity as a Native American.


Kelly & Michael: Andy Cohen "Most Talkative" & Cardinals First Pitch

Most Talkative author Andy Cohen practiced his throw on Live! with Kelly & Michael. (Joe Seer /

Andy Cohen: Watch What Happens Live On Bravo

Andy is the host of Watch What Happens Live on Bravo and for those who’ve never seen it, the show is a fun, interactive talk show filled with surprising moments (and lots of booze). Andy admitted that he was always “a bit of a ham” as a kid. He recalled taking a road trip to Florida with his aunt, uncle and cousins, where he talked into a hairbrush the entire way. On the second day, his aunt ended up dumping a pitcher of iced tea on his head!

Andy Cohen: St. Louis Cardinals First Pitch

Andy grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and is a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. Now that he’s a media superstar, May 10 will be named “Andy Cohen Day,” and Andy will throw the first pitch at Cardinal Stadium. Andy is very excited, but also nervous, because his baseball skills aren’t quite up to par.


Although Michael is a football player, he has thrown out the first pitch at several games, so he offered Andy a bit of help. With Gelman as catcher, Michael, Kelly and Andy each took turns throwing a few pitches. Michael’s advice was to avoid aiming at the mit; instead, “just look and let it go.” That probably sounds a lot easier than it actually is!

Andy did almost break a few things, but in the end, he got one or two good pitches in. I’m sure he’ll do great! In the meantime, Andy will be signing books at the Union Square Barnes and Noble on Thursday, April 4 2013. If you aren’t in New York, you can catch Andy every weeknight on Watch What Happens Live at 11 p.m. on Bravo.


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