Kelly & Michael: Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Valentine’s Day Foods


Andrew Zimmern: Bizarre Valentine’s Day Foods

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and you’re probably looking forward to a delicious meal of wine and chocolates with your sweetie. However, Travel Channel star Andrew Zimmern has other plans. As the host of Bizarre Foods America, Andrew has tried some of the weirdest, wackiest and grossest foods you can imagine. Every time he visits Kelly & Michael, he gets the hosts squirming over his many unusual eats.

Kelly & Michael: Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Valentine's Day Foods

Would you try jellyfish salad or poached brains? Andrew Zimmern prepared bizarre Valentine’s Day foods for Kelly & Michael.


In honor of Valentine’s Day, Andrew’s visit featured bizarre aphrodisiacs. We’ve all heard that foods such as oysters can spice up your love life, but what about poached brains, jelly fish salad and grilled ox heart? Kelly & Michael bravely tried a few of these dishes, but mostly, they just ended up drinking a lot of wine.

Michael Strahan: Grilled Ox Heart

Andrew’s first dish was grilled ox heart, which he believes is a delicious cut of meat. Kelly wouldn’t go near it, but Michael cautiously took a bite. “It’s not bad, but the problem is I know what it is,” he said. Andrew even brought the raw heart – ventricles included – to show off to the hosts.

Kelly Ripa: Sea Urchin Ramen

Kelly wasn’t afraid of the sea urchin ramen, which she paired with a crisp white wine. However, she wouldn’t try the jellyfish salad, which Andrew said is great for your skin and very light. As you can imagine, it didn’t look too appetizing.


Andrew Zimmern: Poached Brain Sandwich

Finally, Andrew sang the praises of poached brain, but he never said what animal the brains came from. Michael said they looked like crab cakes.

Have you ever eaten strange foods like these? Let us know how they tasted in the comment section!


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