Kelly & Michael: America Ferrera “End of Watch” Interview


America Ferrera: One Year Wedding Anniversary

Actress America Ferrera joined Kelly & Michael for the first time since getting married one year ago. She discussed celebrating her one-year wedding anniversary with her husband, actor and director Ryan Piers Williams, and shared some details from her wedding. America showed a beautiful picture from her wedding, and Michael– who just “had to be a woman for a second”– wanted to know who made her dress. The elegant dress was made by designer Amsale, and the ceremony took place in Westchester, just outside New York City.

Kelly & Michael: America Ferrera "End of Watch" Interview

America Ferrera discussed her wedding and the preparations she underwent for “End of Watch” with Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /


To celebrate their recent one year anniversary, America and Ryan visited the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and swam with whale sharks. Plus, when they got home, they pulled some cake out of the freezer, which was the slice they had saved from the wedding.

America Ferrera: Preparing for End of Watch

America is next starring in the film End of Watch, where she plays a tough cop alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena. America called the preparations for the role “very intense.” Two months prior to filming, she began taking boxing and mixed martial arts lessons. She also participated in ride-alongs with real police officers, just like  co-star Jake.

America Ferrera: End of Watch Cast Gets Tased

America took her preparation for playing a cop to the next level when she volunteered to get tased at the police station. It wasn’t mandatory for the cast, but for real-life cadets who are about to graduate from the police academy, it is; so once one cast member volunteered, everyone felt pressured to give it a try!


America called the feeling of getting tased “horrible.” It’s like the pain of your foot falling asleep “times a million.”

Despite the pain of getting tased, America called preparing for her role in the film “rewarding and exciting.” She gained such an enormous amount of respect for the police force and the job that they perform day to day.

You can see America in End of Watch in theaters now.


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