Kelly + Michael: Amber Heard 3 Days to Kill Review with Kevin Costner


Kelly and Michael: Amber Heard

Her credits so far include The Rum Diary and Paranoia. Now Amber Heard is in 3 Days To Kill, and she visited Kelly & Michael to talk all about it in her debut on the talk show.

Heard is a Texas native, so she is not too familiar with the snow currently seen in New York. She wound up in Los Angeles after landing a part in the Friday Night Lights movie. She went to the West Coast at age 17.


Kelly & Michael: Amber Heard 1968 Mustang

Kelly + Michael: Amber Heard 3 Days to Kill Review with Kevin Costner

Big screen star Amber Heard is getting serious opposite Kevin Costner in the new thriller 3 Days To Kill. She told Kelly and Michael about her ’68 Mustang. (Helga Esteb /

Heard is the proud owner of a fully restored 1968 Mustang, which has been stolen more than once. Her dog, Pistol, is usually riding in her passenger seat.

Kelly and Michael: Amber Heard & Kevin Costner

Amber Heard is now working with Kevin Costner in the movie 3 Days To Kill. “He’s wonderful. He’s, on and off screen, just an incredible force,” she said.


The action thriller takes place in Paris, and it mashes up the modern day with old-world Europe. She did admit it was cold in her outfits while shooting during winter weather in Paris. “The guys must have been going crazy,” Kelly Ripa assumed.

Kelly & Michael: Amber Heard 3 Days to Kill Review

Heard said that it was at least picturesque. In a scene from the movie, Heard’s character has a critique for Costner, who has completed his first assignment for her. Then the two argue about facial hair as well as collateral damage.

It looks like a complex story, and I wish they had gone more in depth about what is going on between these characters, because there were a lot of assassination victims scattering the floor in that clip. I guess if you want to know what’s going on, you can check out 3 Days To Kill, opening in theaters on Friday, February 21 2014.


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