Kelly & Michael: Alyssa Milano Mistresses & Project Runway All-Stars


Kelly & Michael: Alyssa Milano’s Dramatic Child

We all fell in love with her when she was a little girl on Who’s the Boss and now she is playing a cheating woman in her new series Mistresses. But the one thing we all might come to love even more about Alyssa Milano is her dramatic little kid, Milo.

She told Kelly and Michael her son Milo is so dramatic that she had to start potty training him earlier than most other kids because he is getting attached to his poo poo. She said when she changes him now, he screams and cries and yells, “Bye bye poo poo.”


Kelly & Michael: Alyssa Milano Mistresses & Project Runway All-Stars

Alyssa Milano was just named the host of Project Runway All-Stars and she talked with Kelly and Michael about her dramatic son and her role on Mistresses.
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Alyssa Milano Female Sportswear Line

Alyssa Milano spotted a fan in the audience who had on one of her shirts from Touch by Alyssa Milano, a female sportswear line.

While Kelly Ripa was not planning on wearing any type of sportswear on the show, she did have another dress picked out to wear on the show today, but it turned out the dress was a bit to revealing for daytime television. She only mentioned it because she said she was struggling to find a cute dress to wear on the show today.


Alyssa Milano Project Runway All-Stars Host

Alyssa Milano is starring in the new television series Mistresses as well as becoming the host of Project Runway All-Stars. Besides becoming the host, Milano said she is excited to move to New York City for seven weeks with her son and her parents, saying she can’t wait to bring Milo to the parks and all the amazing museums in NYC.

Alyssa Milano Mistresses Review

Alyssa Milano’s newest role is on the primetime soap opera, Mistresses. She said the show follows the lives of four friends, each of whom are trying to fill voids in their lives although they don’t always make the best decisions. Milano added that her character is not a mistress, yet, but she does cheat on her husband in the first episode of the series. The next 12 episodes after she cheats tell the story of how her character deals with her infidelity and what it means to her relationships with her family and friends.

“We are not glib about infidelity. It is the theory that you can’t help who you fall in love with and sometimes we make decisions that are not right and we have to deal with that that means for our lives.,” said Milano of the show.

You can see more of Alyssa Milano by tuning into the premiere of Mistresses, June 3 2013, on ABC.


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