Kelly & Michael: Allison Williams Girls Review & Golden Globe Award


Kelly and Michael: Allison Williams Interview

From the second season of the Golden Globe winner for best comedy, HBO’s Girls, Allison Williams wore a bright purple Oscar De La Renta dress for her Kelly and Michael interview. What happened between the cast of Girls and Daniel Day-Lewis at the Golden Globes?

Live with Kelly & Michael: Girls Golden Globe Win

Kelly & Michael: Allison Williams Girls Review & Golden Globe Award

Kelly Ripa shared her own Girls review with well-dressed HBO star Allison Williams, whose comedy series recently won a Golden Globe for best comedy. (Helga Esteb /


Allison Williams knew it was a cliche, but she and her castmates were honored just to be there among Hollywood celebrities. The show’s creator and star, Lena Dunham, won early in the night and the gang was thrilled about that.

Then the show itself won a Best Comedy award, and Allison said you can see in the video that they were pleasantly shocked to be honored. She said it is hard to wrap your head around, but they all have fun making their show and they are glad others appreciate it.

Kelly and Michael: Daniel Day-Lewis Girls

Girls co-star Adam Driver also appears in the movie Lincoln with Daniel Day-Lewis. Day-Lewis was also at the Golden Globes, and when he walked by, he said hello to Adam. Then he slyly whispered, “Good job, girls,” and set off the entire gang into squeals, cheers, and laughter.


Apparently Allison is good at coming up with nicknames: DDL for Daniel Day-Lewis, K Rip for Kelly, and M Stray for Strahan.

Live with Kelly and Michael: Kelly Ripa Girls Review

Now the second season of Girls is underway on HBO. Kelly Ripa said it is the only show she knows that all her friends watch, talk about, and dissect. She wished it had been around when she was the age of the characters.

Kelly said it might have encouraged her to take more risks when she was younger.

Kelly and Michael: Girls Season 2 Review

In a clip from the show, Allison’s character Marnie is at a job interview. But the interviewer is resolved not to give her a job. Girls creator Lena Dunham’s mother played the interviewer in the clip.

Girls airs Sunday nights on HBO, and Kelly said Allison is “one of the loveliest people in show business.”


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