Kelly & Michael: Alexander Skarsgard ‘True Blood’ & ‘Disconnect’


Alexander Skarsgard vs. Michael Strahan Height

True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard stopped by Live! for an interview about his new film, Disconnect. It’s very rare that Michael Strahan feels short, but Alexander could be slightly taller than him. Even with a back-to-back comparison, it was pretty much a dead heat. Alexander is 6’4” and Michael is just over 6’4,” although he claims 6’5.” Alexander’s hair seems to give him the slightest edge.

Kelly & Michael: Alexander Skarsgard 'True Blood' & 'Disconnect'

Alexander Skarsgard discussed why he dropped out of college, what’s happening on True Blood season 6 and his new film Disconnect with Kelly & Michael. (Joe Seer /


Alexander Skarsgard: Marymount Manhattan College

The son of acclaimed actor Stellan Skarsgard, Alexander grew up in Sweden and now splits his time between Stockholm and Los Angeles. Alexander attended college in New York at Marymount Manhattan College, which is my alma mater! Despite the fact that Marymount is “an amazing school,” Alexander attended for just one semester (that couldn’t have been one of the semesters I was there?!).

The real story is that Alexander left a girl behind in Stockholm who eventually caused him to drop out and return home. Unfortunately, the relationship lasted “about 14 minutes” after he returned to Sweden. They haven’t seen each other since, so it could make for a great televised reunion one day.

Alexander Skarsgard: True Blood Season 6

For five seasons, Alexander has portrayed ancient vampire Eric Northman on HBO’s hit supernatural series True Blood. Season six is currently filming, but Alexander couldn’t reveal any spoilers. He did reveal that there’s a “big war” happening this season, and for the first time, humans are a “real threat” to Eric. Sounds juicy (No pun intended)!


When Kelly asked how humans taste, Alexander admitted that the fake blood used on the show is “horrible” and “syrupy.”

Alexander Skarsgard: New Film Disconnect

You’ll soon be able to see Alexander on the big screen in Disconnect, a thriller about how people interact with technology. Alexander explained that there are three intersecting storylines, and he portrays a war veteran who has trouble connecting with his wife, played by Paula Patton. Instead, he uses the internet to provide an escape from his PTSD.

Kelly and Michael checked out a clip from Disconnect that discussed the topic of stolen identities. See Alexander Skarsgard in Disconnect, which is in theaters April 12 2013.


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