Kelly + Michael: Adewale Law School & 3D Pompeii Review Vs Vegas


Kelly and Michael: Adewale

TV fans know Adewale from Oz and Lost, two very different roles where the star made a lasting impression on audiences, but now he is starring in the 3D movie Pompeii. Adewale visited Kelly & Michael to talk about his big screen adventure. Kelly said that Adewale sent her flowers since he was visiting on Valentine’s Day.

Kelly & Michael: Adewale Law School

Kelly + Michael: Adewale Law School & 3D Pompeii Review Vs Vegas

Adewale told the remarkable story of his journey from law school to Los Angeles, and he explained how the world of Pompeii compares to modern day Las Vegas. (Debby Wong /


Adewale’s family is in the legal business. He is a law school graduate with a master’s degree, but he did not pursue the field. However, he is able to use those skills when it comes to contract negotiation. That is a handy tool in the entertainment business, though he said he still has a team to help him out. However, he is available to consult for Michael.

Kelly + Michael: Adewale Auditions

During law school, Adewale began dating a model who encouraged him to come to Los Angeles and try his hand at acting. While he was escorting her to auditions, he was discovered in a waiting room and landed a role in his first audition.

Kelly and Michael: Adewale Pompeii Review

Kelly Ripa said that she thinks Pompeii is a great example of what 3D can do for movies. It is an epic story about the historic volcanic eruption, and Adewale stars as Atticus, an enslaved African who rises to become a champion gladiator.


He compared Pompeii to modern day Vegas and Atticus to the main attraction, a la Mike Tyson or Britney Spears. In that time, Atticus could win his freedom based on his success in fights, and he has one more fight left to go.

While in prison, he bonds with his competitor, played by Game of Thrones star Kit Harington. In a scene from the film, Atticus and Milo make their introductions. It already looks like the type of film that is made to be seen in theaters, so be sure to catch it when it opens on Friday, February 21 2014.


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