Kelly & Michael: A.J. Clemente Fired & Red Carpet Interview Redemption


A.J. Clemente: Second Chance On Kelly & Michael

A.J. Clemente said that his second chance mission went amazing yesterday. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan sent Clemente to the red carpet for Love is All You Need, Pierce Brosnan’s new film. They challenged the fired news anchor to a redemption. He had to interview all of the stars he could on the red carpet and bring the footage back to Kelly and Michael.

A.J. Clemente was fired after he cursed on air his first day at a North Dakota news station. He said he was interviewed on the red carpet and also went on David Letterman last night.


Kelly & Michael: A.J. Clemente Fired & Red Carpet Interview Redemption

A.J. Clemente had some rocky parts in his red carpet redemption. He went to the Love is All You Need red carpet and interviewed celebs for Kelly & Michael.

A.J. Clemente: Love Is All You Need Red Carpet

Kelly Ripa got an email from the man who ran the media on the red carpet and said that A.J. was doing a phenomenal job. She let A.J. throw it to his package from the red carpet. The camera man tried to thwart his lines by changing the cameras he was looking at.

“My broadcasting debut went viral for all the wrong reasons, but Live! gave me a chance to redeem myself on the red carpet. Take a look!” A.J. said.


Journalism Tips: Research Your Subject

Clemente got on the red carpet and didn’t know who any of the stars of the movie were. He asked Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer what working on the film was like and didn’t recognize the director of the film, Susanne Bier. Journalist lesson number one, research what you’re covering. Even if you only have five minutes, Google is your best friend.

He did recognize Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. A.J. said he was most excited to interview Pierce Brosnan, who gave him tips on being a gentleman. He said head up, shoulders back and greet everyone you meet.

Carson Kressley from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy gave A.J. another key tip. Don’t let people take over your interview. He critiqued his outfit and called A.J.’s shoes “platypus” like.

Kelly & Michael: A.J. Clemente Redemption

He was given his second chance and other than a few rocky moments, A.J. Clemente didn’t do a bad job. He was made for hard news anchoring, but he’ll come into his own with help from Kelly Ripa. He even made a joke at himself toward the end.

“I didn’t [expletive] up!” he said.

Michael Strahan said that practice makes perfect and good luck to A.J. Clemente.


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