Kelly and Michael: Chris Harrison The Bachelor & Journey Of Love


Kelly and Michael: Chris Harrison

Over the last decade, Chris Harrison has seen his share of relationships and flirtations. He joined Kelly and Michael to talk about the new season of The Bachelor. Would he ever participate in his own show?

Kelly & Michael: The Bachelor Review

Kelly and Michael: Chris Harrison The Bachelor & Journey Of Love

From The Bachelor, host Chris Harrison talked with the co-hosts about the evolution of the reality series over the past decade and his own journey of love. (Helga Esteb /


“I cannot that they have been able to convince men and women to subject themselves to this for 10 years,” Kelly said of The Bachelor franchise. “I just cannot believe that people voluntarily show up when they know they’re going to be plied with liquor, deprived food, and then eventually rejected and sent away crying.”

Michael said that sounded like a normal date to him. But has the show changed over its 25 seasons?

Kelly and Michael: Chris Harrison The Bachelor Evolution

At the beginning of the show, social media did not exist. He said that his show came on the scene near the start of the reality trend. He tried to get advice from Survivor host Jeff Probst, who was the only other comparable host at that time.


Kelly compared him to Mr Rourke from Fantasy Island. Chris said his relationship to the contestants and audience has grown and changed through the years as well. He even got ordained to marry one of the couples, Ashley and JP.

“I didn’t want it to be cheesy and come off that way,” Chris said of his initial reluctance to perform the ceremony. But I guess it worked out; that’s an odds game–at least one of these relationships has to work out amid the charred wreckage of so many broken hearts.

Kelly & Michael: Chris Harrison Dating

Now that Chris Harrison is single for the first time in years, Kelly and Michael seem pretty serious about getting him to be The Bachelor on a future season. Kelly even agreed to host in his stead.

Kelly and Michael: Chris Harrison Journey of Love

The co-hosts did their rapid fire Q&A with Chris. He is not the type to get drunk and strip at a party. He likes first impression roses, on the other hand.

He would not bungee jump, but he does believe in the journey of love, and he would take the keys to the fantasy suite. He gave a thumbs up to mountain tops and a thumbs down to group dates.

Kissing on the beach is always a plus, but he could not keep a straight face while being serenaded. That didn’t stop Kelly from giving it a try.

Chris Harrison would go for a champagne toast, and while he enjoys a catfight on TV, he does not want them in real life. You can watch The Bachelor Mondays on ABC.


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