Josh Groban “Remember When It Rained” Free & Mario Batali Project


Kelly & Michael: Josh Groban

International recording artist Josh Groban, who has sold over 25 million albums, dropped in to catch up with Kelly and Michael on a festive day. He has something special cooking with Mario Batali, and he is giving away a live single to his fans of “Remember When It Rained.”

Josh had plenty of congratulations for Michael, who also spent a lot of his weekend working with his Fox NFL Sunday team. Groban was visiting New York from Los Angeles, and he said that it’s rare to get much weather on the West Coast, but he said there was a hailstorm once.


Kelly and Michael: Super Bowl Halftime Show & National Anthem

Josh Groban "Remember When It Rained" Free & Mario Batali Project

Singing superstar Josh Groban is working with Mario Batali on an upcoming project, and he is dropping a free download of the song “Remember When It Rained.” (Helga Esteb /

It was fortuitous that the weather held off for the Super Bowl, because the stadium is full of snow just 12 hours later. Groban preferred to watch the game from home, and he recalled playing center for his seventh grade flag football team. He also complimented the seemingly small #92 jersey that was hung in the studio.

Michael’s actual worn Super Bowl jersey is framed in his house, still covered in Gatorade stains. Would Groban ever want to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show? Josh said that he would be nervous because of the size of the audience, and the fact that his music tends to be of a slower tempo.


Groban has performed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl and other events in the past, which is nerve-wracking. He and Kelly agreed that Renee Fleming did an amazing job with the 2014 duties. Queen Latifah performed “America the Beautiful” before this year’s Super Bowl.

Kelly & Michael: Josh Groban + Mario Batali

Groban was a frequent guest host during Kelly’s search for a new co-host. He and Michael competed in a parody rose ceremony and compared singing voices with Kelly as The Bachelorette.

Now Josh is branching out and has done a project featuring The Chew chef Mario Batali. Groban said that he is not a great cook and is used to preparing meals for one. Josh said that Mario enjoys working with musicians, and you can look forward to their collaboration in an upcoming web series.

Groban also has a recurring spot on The Crazy Ones, starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar on CBS. Having a record deal put his focus on music for a long time, and Josh said he was glad to have the chance to work on acting and comedy again.

Kelly and Michael: Josh Groban “Remember When It Rained”

Josh Groban is dropping a digital single on February 11. “Remember When It Rained” featuring Judith Hill was recorded during his recently concluded in-the-round tour. This is a classic song that he performed as a duet with Hill. Look for that free download coming soon.


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