Jason Sudeikis Gets Help from Uncle George Wendt & Kim Kardashian Joke


Live! with Kelly & Michael: Jason Sudeikis

After years on Saturday Night Livegetting up early is a challenge for Jason Sudeikis. He makes tired look good, though. In his first time at Live! with Kelly & Michael, he shared some vacation moments with Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts.

A few months back, Sudeikis and Strahan ran into each other in the Hawaiian Islands. He said they hung out by the pool while their fiancees went paddle boarding. Sudeikis said he’s not about the random people taking photos of him while he is trying to learn to paddle board. He and Strahan grabbed drinks poolside.


Jason Sudeikis Gets Help from Uncle George Wendt & Kim Kardashian Joke

Jason Sudeikis said that his uncle George Wendt, of Cheers fame, helped him in the beginning of his career and brought him to Saturday Night Live first. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Jason Sudeikis: Saturday Night Live & Cheers’ George Wendt

Ten years on Saturday Night Live made Jason Sudeikis a household name, synonymous with raunchy, hilarious characters. His film career has now taken off. Sudeikis said it’s a really hard decision to leave SNL. People leave all the time, but it’s time to give the younger comedians a chance to work it out.

Sudeikis’s first time on the Saturday Night Live set was in high school. His uncle, George Wendt, played Norm on Cheers. Uncle George was performing on the show and Elvis Costello was the musical guest. The next time that Sudeikis stepped into that room was to audition in 2003.


Uncle George was an influencing factor in Sudeikis’s life and career choices. While drinking beer for a living didn’t work out, the acting gene was definitely in the family. He said that George Wendt was really good at helping his nephew push through the hard times, often brought on by his concerned mother. Sudeikis’s parents came to the premiere of We’re the Millers earlier in the month.

Being engaged to a magnificent woman like Olivia Wilde, the bar is really high for Jason Sudeikis. She’s philanthropic, strong, and lovely. Sudeikis said he is one lucky guy to have landed her.

We’re The Millers & Kim Kardashian RV Joke

In We’re The Millers, Jason Sudeikis is a small time drug dealer that is comissioned by Ed Helms to bring a huge shipment of marijuana into the states from Mexico. He creates a big cover family, including Jennifer Aniston, Will Poulter and Emma Roberts. Aniston’s character is a stripper on the down low and Roberts plays a recruited runaway. They are all stuffed into an RV, also stuffed with mary jane.

Outside of Grand Theft Auto, Sudeikis had only had about 15 minutes in the driver’s seat of an RV. They didn’t make him pass any safety tests before he took off. He compared driving an RV to what Kim Kardashian feels like in an antique shop. While the audience didn’t appreciate the joke, I think it’s comedy gold.

“I would love to be one of thsoe antiques,” Sudeikis said, trying to cover.

We’re the Millers hits theaters August 7 2013.


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