Jace Robertson Booted from New York Hotel & Duck Dynasty Makeover


Live! with Kelly & Michael: Duck Dynasty

Wearing their camo and epic beards, the fellas of Duck Dynasty definitely stand out in New York City and on Live! with Kelly & Michael. My favorite Robertson, Jace, said that he got escorted out of his hotel because they thought he was a vagrant. His beard is a little wild, but really, New York? Jace laughed it off because the guy didn’t know he was really a famous duck hunter.

Jace Robertson even has a solution for New York City’s rat problem. Where they live, the get $5 for a rat tail. Just send up some hunters and they get all the rats and make a killing at home.


Jace Robertson Booted from New York Hotel & Duck Dynasty Makeover

Michael Strahan was given a Duck Dynasty makeover. Jace Robertson said he was kicked out of his New York hotel for looking like a homeless man. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Willie Robertson Running for Congress? & Uncle Si the Diva

The CEO of Duck Commander, Willie Robertson, finds it hilarious that the internet believes he is running for Congress. I think he would be an excellent President of the United States, but Willie likes his quiet life at home. The entire Robertson family has success running in their veins.

The patriarch, Phil Robertson, was almost a starting quarterback ahead of Terry Bradshaw. He said that he weighed the stress factors of both jobs, getting chased by giant men or chasing ducks in the woods. In the end, ducks won his heart.


The family said that Uncle Si has changed the most thanks to the fame. He’s a little diva with his flashy boots and tea cup. Well, as much of a diva as Uncle Si can be.

Duck Dynasty Christmas Album: Duck The Halls A Robertson Family Christmas

Phil tried to convince the Robertson clan to stay away from music, but this Christmas we’ll all be listening to Duck the Halls: a Robertson Family Christmas.

“I tried to tell the family there are just some things we should stay away from,” said Phil on Kelly & Michael. “But then I thought about Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, and I thought, we can fake it.”

The brothers said that Willie is definitely the best singer and has surprised them all. When can I place my pre-order?

Alan Robertson Joining Duck Dynasty

The eldest Robertson brother is joining the Duck Dynasty in season four. He’s the only brother than shaves and mows the lawn. The youngest Robertson brother, Jep, said that his oldest brother is the coolest of them all.

When Is Hunting Season?

September 16 is the start of The Grand Passage, where the birds start to come through the area. The brothers said that they have gone 60 days without bathing and just air their clothes out at night. What do the women think about their smell? Phil said that they have to marry their women young, around 15, because then they’ll pick their ducks. If they marry them around 21 they’ll just pick their pockets and spend their money.

Who Is The Smartest Robertson Brother?

The guys of Duck Dynasty gave each other superlatives. Willie won out the smartest, because of his high school hijinks and business making mindset. Jace and Jep wanted to fight it out for the Romantic One, but Jace said that their difference is that Jep is whipped.

Michael Strahan Duck Dynasty Makeover

The Robertson Family has come in and taken the clean cut Michael Strahan. He got a new beard and full camo look. The Robertsons promised that Michael could come and hunt with them anytime.

The season four premiere of Duck Dynasty is tonight, August 14, on A&E.


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