George Clooney Vs Tina Fey, Gravity + The Monuments Men True Story


Kelly & Michael: George Clooney Super Bowl

One of Hollywood’s biggest talents, George Clooney, visited Kelly and Michael to talk about The Monuments Men, and also to see Kelly without her makeup on. Though Michael Strahan tried to shield her, eventually the interview had to go on.

George started off by saying that Kelly looks beautiful. “It’s just three guys sitting around,” Kelly joked. Clooney said he was also rooting for the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, but he bet on the Seahawks. His favorite team is the Cincinnati Bengals, who never seem to advance very far in the playoffs.


Clooney also congratulated Strahan on his Hall of Fame election, and this was his first visit to the show since Michael joined the team. The men recalled meeting one another at the Regency Hotel and having a friendly interaction, even though they didn’t know each other personally.

Kelly and Michael: George Clooney Vs Tina Fey

George Clooney Vs Tina Fey, Gravity + The Monuments Men True Story

George Clooney said that The Monuments Men was a happy accident because his producing partner stumbled upon the compelling true story in an airport. (Debby Wong /

Kelly Ripa said she loved watching Clooney be able to laugh at himself during the Golden Globes when Amy Poehler and Tina Fey unleashed some jokes on him. But he said he is working on a plan to get them back.


The first phase was sending Tina a letter on Matt Damon’s stationery, pretending to be offended by her joke that he was a garbageman. But Fey caught on, sending a message to George through Matt.

Clooney also pranked his father by dedicating The Monuments Men to his memory, even though he is still alive, because it’s more affordable to cut something out of a movie than to insert it later, in case his father did pass before the film was released.

Kelly & Michael: George Clooney Gravity Review

Kelly said she loved Gravity, and George praised both Sandra Bullock and the film’s director. It’s favored to clean up at the Oscars. They got to see it in Venice for the first time with the special effects completed, and he was glad that it all came together.

Ripa said that watching in 3D made her think that she was also floating in space. “Maybe don’t drink so much when you go to the theater,” Clooney said.

Strahan pointed out that Clooney holds a record for more nominations in more categories than anyone in Oscar history. But George will not be at the Academy Awards, because he will be working on location.

His Oscar tradition is to play his Sunday basketball game before throwing on a tux and heading to the party. Kelly said that not wearing makeup has given her insight into how easy it is for men to get ready for the day.

Kelly and Michael: George Clooney on Philip Seymour Hoffman

Clooney said it is hard to think about the passing of friend and co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman. “He was such an incredible talent, and he was such a good, kind man, and it’s just a tragedy,” he said. “It’s very sad, and I think everybody in our community is really reeling from it.”

Kelly Ripa said that memorials are still popping up everywhere in tribute to the beloved actor, who passed away over the weekend.

Kelly & Michael: George Clooney The Monuments Men Review

After doing some vacuuming during a commercial break, Clooney spoke with the hosts about The Monuments Men, a film based on a true story about World War II. “I was very surprised to learn the extent to which the Nazis were stealing all of the art,” he said of that time period.

Hitler also burned works by Picasso and Salvador Dali, in an attempt to destroy these pieces of history. Roosevelt and Eisenhower teamed up to assemble a group to root out the art and rescue these treasures.

The movie is inspired by a book Clooney’s producing partner happened upon at the airport. Kelly said that art at auction occasionally comes into question as to whether it was stolen and sold by the Nazis years ago.

Kelly and Michael: George Clooney on Matt Damon

Clooney writes, directs, produces and stars in The Monuments Men, juggling multiple hats. “It’s not easy to direct Matt Damon,” George joked. “I catch him stealing every once in awhile.”

George also said that Matt is very short and has temper tantrums. “They make me squat down when he comes here,” Michael said. Clooney advised the hosts not to look him directly in the eyes.

The Monuments Men will be in theaters on Friday, February 7 2014.


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