Fran Drescher’s New Boyfriend Invented Email + Cinderella Debut Review


Kelly & Michael: Fran Drescher Twitter

Fran Drescher came by to talk to Kelly & Michael. Michael said she “always makes us laugh.” Michael said that they needed extra security for her. She didn’t know why, she’s the most accessible celebrity. She answers everyone’s tweets. She’s addicted to it. She got it two or three years ago. She talks to her fans a lot. Her fans are very creative.

Kelly & Michael: Fran Drescher’s New Boyfriend Invented Email

Drescher has a new boyfriend. She showed pictures. He’s a scientist. She met him at an event. He invented email! That’s awesome! He’s in the Smithsonian. He’s very rich and has more money than her. She said that’s important because, “The dude needs to feel like the dude. Nobody wants to be Mr. Drescher unless he’s my father.”


It’s been a problem for her in the past. They don’t like to feel like they’re in her shadow and feel bad for themselves, but she doesn’t have that problem anymore. Michael didn’t even realize that someone invented email, he thought it just happened. Her boyfriend was 14 when he invented email. Well, I feel like a failure now. Drescher is so happy because she’s a chubby girl from Queens who didn’t even finish college and now she has a genius boyfriend. Drescher revealed that he has an “inventor of email website.”

Kelly & Michael: Fran Drescher The Tonys

Fran Drescher's New Boyfriend Invented Email + Cinderella Debut Review

Fran Drescher talked to Kelly & Michael about her Broadway debut in ‘CInderella’ and revealed that her new boyfriend invented email. (s_bukley /

The Tonys are Sunday, June 8. Drescher’s presenting. She has the third fitting for her dress tomorrow. She tries not to eat, but she keeps eating anyway. It’s hard to eat healthily when you’re doing a show, but she’s very excited for her dress. It’s an original.


Kelly & Michael: Fran Drescher’s Broadway Debut

They talked about Drescher’s Broadway debut in Cinderella. She pointed out that her role has the biggest speaking part, but the smallest singing part when they approached her and they said, “Yeah, we know.” She thought it was funny though. Kelly was surprised that this is her debut. She’s done off-Broadway though.

Kelly & Michael: Cinderella Modernization

They’re at the Broadway Theater, which is one of the biggest theaters, now. They also rewrote the story and modernized it. Cinderella is apparently a stronger character and the prince is the one who’s more lost. He’s the one who needs a woman to help him realize who he is. There’s also a revolutionary in the story now fighting for the underdogs in the community. That actually sounds awesome. Drescher said that men come because the women want to go, but everybody leaves saying how much they liked it.

Kelly & Michael: Cinderella Costumes

It’s also visually stunning. Kelly got to perform with the cast and got to wear one of the costumes a while ago. It was incredible, but it was cumbersome. They have physical therapists come for free every week just because of the costumes.

Kelly & Michael: Fran Drescher Taking On Too Much?

Drescher said that you have to make sure that you don’t do too much in theater. She missed a line and said it was because her throat was hurting and she thought she would start coughing, but she was really distracted by thinking about her travel plans.


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