Live With Kelly: Eli Manning Superbowl Rings & BOKS for Kids Program


Kelly Ripa: Eli Manning Super Bowl Champion

Kelly and Chris welcomed New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning, and Chris had a quick change of heart when he jokingly realized that Eli was much bigger than him. Eli is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, but has been playing for the Giants since 2004. Kelly congratulated again or his Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots back in January, which is his second Super Bowl victory and for which he was named MVP.

Eli Manning: Super Bowl Ring

Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning of the Giants on Live With Kelly

Live With Kelly did an interview of Eli Manning. (Image Credit: Joe Seer /


Chris wanted to know what a locker room huddle is like for the Giants; for example, if Eli gives one of those inspirational speeches you see so often in sports movies. Eli responded that his huddles would make for a pretty boring movie, because he and his team try to stay cool and don’t talk very much at all. He said that he doesn’t get nervous, instead he gets excited to get out and play.

Eli and the Giants are receiving their Super Bowl Champion rings tonight, and Kelly pointed out that Eli was on the committee that designs the rings. Eli revealed that Michael Strahan, former Giants member and often a co-host with Kelly, was also on the committee, and Eli said that he hopes Michael gets to co-host full time (to the chagrin of Chris, who said sarcastically, “I’m right here!”).

Apparently, Michael wanted to design a “ten table ring,” which is a ring so flashy that it can be seen from ten tables away at a restaurant. Eli said that the real ring is a bit more subdued.


Eli Manning: BOKS Program for Kids

Eli then discussed a great program with which he is involved called BOKS. It is a before school activities program for elementary school kids in an attempt to fight the growing problem of childhood obesity.

Eli pointed out that BOKS does not just get the kids’ heart beats going, but it also helps them to focus later on during the school day. He mentioned that you can visit to find out more about this great program.


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